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The Art of Getting Up

Sunday, July 21, 2019

If you are not a fat person, you probably never think about it. But if you are, it's probably all you think about.

Recently, I was thinking back to my first online coach, Cliff, who used to say to me that if I wanted to walk a half-marathon (which I did in 2005), then I was going to have to start walking - not just doing other exercises. This has stuck with me for a long time. So if I wanted to start moving better, I was just going to have to start moving.

Sounds simple enough. I am nearly at the two-week mark for being off my cane. The more I move, the easier it feels, but I really needed a push to make that first leap of belief in myself and also to literally move. Getting up out of a chair was always a challenge. I would replay the loop of my personal pep talk "you can do it, you can do it." I have graduated to thinking about it a lot less and that's how I know I am making progress. I am not over-analyzing what I need to do in order to do x,y,z. I am just doing it more and more. It feels more freeing than ever.

I'm still evaluating seating options before I sit, and that's ok. I am aware of the many situations my current state has led me to - the situations I created myself. Now that I am in the midst of these changes, not only am I free to make a different choice, but I can see both sides of the same coin. Like Dorothy, I am learning I had the power all along.

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