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Wednesday 7-17-19.......change in thinking is KEY to weight loss

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Good morning everyone! Thanks for all the comments on my blog yesterday.....I was thinking of a few things this morning and working on my weight loss thought process. There are 3 things that are KEY to weight loss and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Self Responsibility.
There is no one or anything that can lose the weight for you. It's all about yourself! Yes it is going to be hard and yes it is going to suck at times but in the end it is yourself that puts food into your mouth. You HAVE to accept this and own it before long term success will happen. Yes you will make mistakes along the way but a mistake is an opportunity to learn more about yourself!!!!

2. Get Out Of Self Judgement.
If you keep telling yourself I can never do it, this process is too hard, I am a failure....your mind is going to continue to believe this and your life will continue down that same old path you have been walking. You HAVE to get out of self judgement. Do not keep beating yourself up and talking down to yourself for things that have happened in the past. Even stuff that has happened earlier this morning is the past! Leave it there and move on! LOVE YOURSELF is KEY to your weight loss journey!

3. Love The Process.
Again this partially goes back to #2....if you are saying this sucks, the weight is not coming off fast enough etc etc, it will NEVER work long term. You need to love the process as you are going through. And really think about HOW and WHAT you are doing. If you are struggling all the way through your weight loss journey, not liking it, not changing your thought process and if you get to your weight loss goal (or not), what will the majority of the people do??? QUIT!! You will quit (on yourself) because the process sucks, you haven't been enjoying it! And you will go back to your old eating habits and the process starts all over again. Really think about this because it is SO important to love yourself and love the process as you go through it. It shouldn't be a diet but a "live-it". Something you can live with for the rest of your life.

I reached out to SO MANY different "diet plans" for 20 years. I would think this diet or that diet was going to do the trick and when it didn't I blamed the diet, not myself.

The REAL ANSWER to weight loss is inside of you! Your mind, the way you think about things, your reactions to your thoughts.

I just wanted to throw this out there because this is what has been KEY factors recently for me that has changed the way I think and what has made me successful in my recent weight loss.

I know AND BELIEVE for the first time ever I will get to my weight loss goal someday. It's NOT a quick process people.....not at all. And YES I will make mistakes and have set backs along the way as I continue to get in tune with myself and continue to work on changing my thought processes.

I am NOT following any special diet. I do watch my carb/sugar/flour intake but that is it! I eat healthy, I fill up on veggies first, protein second. I do not count calories. I eat when hungry and I stop when full and I am still learning on how to listen to my body for when I am hungry and full. I went fo years NEVER feeling hunger and I am changing that.

Your weight loss answers are truly inside of yourself. Get to know yourself. Get to love yourself!

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