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Goals & Gratitude 7/11/19

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I feel like I have been doing homework all day, but according to my planner I got very little done. I'm not sure how that happened. It's 7:45 PM and I worked until 4:30 PM when I had an appointment. I'm not really thrilled about doing more tonight, so I think I will start good tomorrow morning.

I had an appointment with the dietitian at the hospital today. I made the appointment randomly to see if it will be helpful, but I didn't really think through what I wanted... It would have been good to do that. Luckily, the dietitian, Melissa, got me talking and we talked about what I was doing here on SP and what my goals were and what I'm struggling with. By the end I realized that I'm not eating enough at lunchtime, which I believe is one of the reasons I overeat at night-- because I haven't eaten enough during the day. She looked up vegan lunch recipes that will help me on fasting days, and we talked about what type of lunch I should be aiming for. I have a lot better idea now. I came home and planned my meals for the next week and a half and I have a nice grocery list ready for tomorrow.

I just finished with an online meeting for my Managerial Accounting class, which is why I didn't get to exercise this evening. I feel good about this class. It's online, like Cost Accounting, but the online program that we will be doing homework on is much more comprehensive. There are all sorts of videos to watch and different quizzes and informal practice things we can do. I have a feeling I will really be utilizing those. I know it's going to be a hard class because much of the information is the same as Cost Accounting, but I'm hoping it's a little familiar to me so it isn't so hard to learn. We shall see!

Tomorrow's Goals:
1) Get caught up on Business Law. This is the class I'm really behind in.
2) Read for Managerial Accounting.
3) Continue working on Management-- particularly reading the book I bought for the final paper.
4) Do some cleaning. I did the dishes today and am going to sort the laundry while I watch TV tonight.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) New, and hopefully better, classes.
2) The dietitian.
3) That I did get some homework done, even though it wasn't enough.
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