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Climbing back on the wagon...once again

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Even though I had a set back with eating improperly, I am back counting calories and making an effort to move more.

It has been the worst coldest winter then the hottest summer but ...can't use that as an excuse.

The rain means keeping up with yard work is challenging. Though I have an EGO battery-powered mower, all other weeding done by hand, hoe or nippers. Of course, this takes longer and so more exercise per week.

The EGO takes three times longer to mow the lawn than my old gasoline mower which I sold. So I see it as a fitness device.

I regret overeating but I nipped it before it became scary to undo. I've lost four pounds in June, so that is a start. I am glad to restart, it is better than giving up.
I do hope you don't let setbacks derail you. Life is challenging enough and giving up is never a good option.
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