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Thursday, June 27, 2019

I went for a swim today. Not just any old swim. In London, where I live, there's a place called Hampstead Heath, which is an enormous piece of countryside, surrounded by the city. On Hampstead Heath there are a lot of ponds, I would guess about 15 or 20 in total. Three of them are open to swimmers: one mixed, one men, one women: the Kenwood Ladies Pond. There's an article about it here: www.newyorker.co
I don't swim there in winter thought I think about it, but in summer when it's warm, it's irresistible. You swim along and there are ducklings in the water with you, and dragonflies skimming the surface and wild waterlilies and it is surrounded by trees for privacy. And half an hour in there and you can shed a couple of dozen calories.

I can't post a photo because photos are not allowed but here's another article www.vice.com/en_

If you're in London, like swimming and have a couple of hours to spare, don't miss it!
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