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The Time is NOW!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Life is by no means easy, but this is the easiest it will be right now with the lighter summer schedule and calmer kids, etc so the time is NOW to lose some more weight. I have been making some changes to push things along. I am trying to eat at the bottom to middle of my ww points range, whereas usually I am just happy if I can stay at the top and not go over. I am eating fewer carbs, but not low carb-just a healthy range. I always stuck to healthy carbs, but I used to overdo even the good stuff like brown rice. I am trying to avoid snacking between breakfast and lunch. Every day I aim to get in as many different vegetables as possible. I aim to stop all food by 8pm, but that one has been hit or miss, mostly miss.

Regarding exercise, I have been consistent for a while and also varying the type while listening to my body. The problem is my body has communication issues. For example, at some point over the weekend I used a tennis wall. I was running and shifting and thrilled with the fact I was enjoying it, hitting the ball (mostly) and not getting winded. I thought my body was saying, "You go girl...you've got this...keep going! Rawr!" I only did it for 20-25 minutes so as not to overdo things and I felt fabulous after...at first. An hour and half later I was walking down steps and suddenly struggled to continue. I then limped into the kitchen. I had a strong pain behind one knee.Luckily, ice,elevation and Aleve had me better by the next morning and I took it easy, but I wish my body had given me some indication it was unhappy while I was exercising!

I also am focusing on "bounce lows." I found it useless to set weight goals because my body releases weight when it is good and ready and not before unless I avoid all salt. I focus on when it bounces down to the lowest number I have had that year even if it bounces up it usually eventually forms a new plateau. So far it has not hit a new bounce low, but I shall remain optimistic and determined.
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