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Had been drinking DIET SPARKLING WATER, but!!! DIET DRINKS????

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I used to drink regular pepsi, 6 to 8 cans a day.

BUT!! I had joined the 5% Challenge in which usually (though it can change) the first week and 2nd one are to drink water. In the challenge of the week, the first post are links saying why water is good for you (what FINALLY got me, LOL was drinking water PREVENTS WRINKLES!! I AM getting older, but we do from the moment we are born!). So I HAD HATED WATER!! BUT!! If I didn't drink water, I'd not be helping my team earn points. Well, I am a highly competive gal, so I NEEDED to work on it and I DID!!

First I drank diet pepsi (did you know that soda increases our thirst? I DIDN'T !) switched over to diet orange or rootbeer, and FINALLY to diet sparkling water, to water. Now I DO drink diet sparkling water (0 cals), but!!

Last week on the news I heard that drinking JUST 2 Diet drinks a day (with food, if I drink plain water, my throat is quite messed up, my food doesn't go down well, has lead to choking and i hate that) increases the chance of a heart attack or stroke in woman over 50 (I am )

CNN)More bad news for diet soda lovers: Drinking two or more of any kind of artificially sweetened drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of clot-based strokes, heart attacks and early death in women over 50, according to a new study by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

The risks were highest for women with no history of heart disease or diabetes and women who were obese or African-American.


Now they DO have out FINALLY a sparkling water WITHOUT ANY DIET CRAP!!! I've heard I can find it here so I NEED to look into it!!

I had a stroke in 2012, and I NEVER want another one!! It took me months and months to learn to speak well again (I stuttered) and if I am tired (LOL rare). My left side was affected. Its mostly good again, just can't raise my left arm up over my head, but in daily life I wouldn't any ways.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fantastic blog about diet sodas. I get addicted to my Diet Dr Pepper. I need to get back to my sparkling water instead.
    100 days ago
    Just came to send you a message and read this blog. I drink a lot of sparkling water, but get bored with the boring-ness of it. I use a product called True Citrus, which is crystallized citrus (lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit). I take the single serving packets with me and add them to either still or sparkling water, though sometimes the sparking water likes to explode with the crystals. It is a neat product, and they also make citrus seasoning blends -- sodium free which I need -- that are great. And other drink mixes kind of like Crystal Light, but all citrus based.

    My mom was a big diet drinker (remember Tab?). When she went caffeine-free, she was bedridden for two weeks. I was a teenager and it was an interesting time.

    Happy Friday!
    103 days ago
    The sparkling water that I drink has nothing in it but water, and carbonation... and sometimes fruit essences, if I want a treat. I can have trouble drinking regular water, so I figure this is a good compromise. No artificial sweeteners, no sodium, no sugar, no calories. Works for me.
    109 days ago
    THanks for your blog. I've been a sparkling water maniac for awhile. It all claims to be no artificial anything, but I still wonder what is in it.
    111 days ago
    The stroke you had sounds like you really had to work to get back to near normal. I had to do the same thing when I got Guillain Barre' Syndrome in 2016. I was paralyzed all over my body, & I had to learn how to do everything again...sit, walk, talk, etc. I never fully came back from it & have to walk with a cane. When things like this happen to us, it makes us aware how precious life is. We have to take charge of our life by losing weight, keeping fit, & eating healthy, like ditching the diet soda & highly processed food. And drink more water, too! emoticon
    Keep up the good work! emoticon
    112 days ago

    So, I guess I should ceases using that artificial sweetener in my morning coffee ...
    either the real thing... sugar.... or quit the coffee altogether.
    which would probably be the better choice in the long run
    but I just opened a new can of coffee.
    I might be able to find a new home for it... that is a thought.

    112 days ago
    Good info.
    112 days ago
    Very interesting, Dr. Oz did a show about the different kinds of sparking water. As with everything we must read the labels.

    Enjoy you day.
    112 days ago
    Very interesting, Dr. Oz did a show about the different kinds of sparking water. As with everything we must read the labels.

    Enjoy you day.
    112 days ago
    Very interesting and a must know. I use a lot of Splenda in my homemade drinks which seems to be bad as well. Gosh, it's so difficult not to have sweet drinks. I hate plain water or not sweet drinks. Got to think it over again.
    112 days ago
    emoticon I never touch the stuff, it used to set my teeth on edge YUK!
    112 days ago
    I hate how they demonise everything folk enjoy. A little of anything should be ok
    113 days ago
    Good info. The fuss is about all the chemicals put into the diet drinks to make them one or no calorie.
    113 days ago
    Great keep moving on.
    113 days ago
    Diet coca-cola is only 1 (one) cal , so I have never seen what the fuss is about

    113 days ago
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