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Oh goodie!!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I received the nicest spark goodie today and it made me feel so guilty that I do not really update like I should. I think the problem is my weight loss has mostly been non existent and then all I do is come here and ramble about my fan girl stories and I feel guilty LOL. I also figure no one really cares... which sounds TERRIBLE and I am not fishing for "we care about you comments"... It is just why it's not on my radar I guess. But then I love seeing how you are all doing and I do log into Spark quite a bit and look through my friend feed.

I guess I never blogged about my mystery health issues but since the end of January my right arm/hand leg/foot have been swollen. No one can give me any answers. It progressed into tingling, numbness and shooting nerve pain. The nerve pain has gone away the numbness comes and go and the swelling is constant. Through begging I have had a nerve conduction test, an mri of my brain and top of my spine and a CT scan. The MRI showed a small fatty mass in my brain which is benign and they believe I have had it since birth... let's hope they are right LOL. It also showed sinus issues and 3 bulging discs out of the 6 they checked in my spine. Possibly from my car accident last year. Sadly they have come up with nothing as to why my body is swollen and messed up. I have also had some stabbing head pain, and some chest tightness/pressure (went to the ER for that they said i'm "fine"). I'm sick of being told I'm fine when I know I'm not fine, I am sick of them blaming this swelling on my rheumatoid arthritis when my rheumatologist said it isn't. I am changing my insurance in October for the new year through work because I am sick of the games.

In the mean time I have started losing weight again, I was as high as 241 at the beginning of this year and then again a couple weeks ago and I am down to 234. I may not be able to get any answers but I sure can do my best to get healthy in the ways I am capable of (losing weight).

As for my fabulous fan girl stalker life I have been stalking extra because these health problems really freak me out. I am not trying to be morbid but it kind of showed me that we never know what might happen, what if my mobility were to be compromised? (From this or for any other reason). I know there are people with mobility issues living their best lives and nothing could stop me from that but physically being able to do all my stalking by myself is the reason I am able to go all these places.

This year alone I have...

Seen Lady Antebellum in Vegas.
Seen Carrie Underwood in Vegas and Bakersfield.
I flew to Phoenix and New Mexico for back to back concerts for Luke Bryan. I won meet and greet for the phoenix show and it was 112 degrees but at least it was a dry heat LOL! It was a blast as was my New Mexico show... that is the first time I've gotten on a plane 3 days in a row.. I usually do ones where I can just drive to the next concert LOL!

The meet and greet was amazing.. I printed out my photo from the first time I met him. We were in line waiting for him and they said to have your thing you wanted signed out because he would walk the line and do autographs first then photos. I had mine ready and when he got to me I said "Can you put Steph on there? S-t-e-p-h" and he did it and then he started signing his name... as he did that I said this is my 26th concert and you are my absolute favorite... I think he said thank you but I can't be sure, that is when he wrote a heart u! on my photo, and that is where I lost it. I was hormonal if you catch my drift but I said "awwwww I really just love you and I'm gonna cryyyyyyyyy". (Only the repeat fans and the most adorable get the heart u written on their autograph LOL). He started fanning my eyes with both hands and was like "don't cry don't cry... well you can cry now but not for the picture". I laughed and said I'm already sweaty and he looked at me and laughed. It was such a cute interaction and I know people who have met him tons of times and either don't really try to talk to him or get too flustered... so they are all jealous of my adorable interaction... what can I say, I am adorable LOL!!

I have so much more planned this year... next month I am going to Alabama to see Luke, he has two shows in one place. August I am road tripping in California (where I'm from) for 3 shows and a pit stop at Morro Bay just to look around. September I am taking my dad (locally) to see Carrie Underwood, he loves her but has never seen her live. October is the big trip, I am going to Memphis to see Luke and then my dad and I are doing a week in Nashville and it's going to be amazing! We are doing the WORKS! Front row at The Grand Ole Opry, an Opry tour, country hall of fame tour, wax museum (for wax luke bryan), Luke's new Bar, the Parthenon etc. It will definitely be the trip of a life time.

I really hope I am feeling better by then and if my swelling can't go away at least hopefully I can be lighter and be more active because I really want my body to be able to do all the things my mind wants to do.

I guess that's all for now and hope I have more weight loss stuff to report!

If you have read this far you are a gem LOL!!

Here's the pics from the meet and greet. At the end of this year I will have seen him 33 times in 11 different states... 4 new states this year. Trying to see him in as many new states as possible before we are both too old for this LOL.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How awesome for you
    261 days ago
    emoticon Luke Bryan sounds like fun! And you too! emoticon
    658 days ago
    Wow! So sorry that you are having a rough time! It is frustrating when you know there is something wrong and medical professionals keep saying that you are fine. BTW, I have same type of brain tumor - found it when I had a serious head injury - I understand that about 10% of the population does too! They are there at birth and grow as you do and then just stay there. Best wishes on everything!
    662 days ago
    Sounds like you are trying to enjoy life in spite of your health issues. Hope they can come up with some answers for you soon.

    I'm jealous of all of your trips - I've never seen Luke in concert, but both of my girls have. He is coming near here next week, but we already had tickets to 2 other shows, and I couldn't fit in another one. My husband and I are thinking of going back to Nashville in October this year - it's a great place to visit. So much to see and do!!

    Enjoy your upcoming trips!! emoticon
    674 days ago
    emoticon So sorry to hear about the health issues but you sound like you're living your best life regardless and I'm happy about that. Wishing you success with your weight loss for the rest of the year. emoticon emoticon
    683 days ago
    Hey, thanks for the update. Sorry your body is not playing nice.
    You have great travel plans for the 2nd half of this year! Enjoy!
    685 days ago
    emoticon awesome, , and a packed calendar. Keep😊 . Enjoy your trips. Happiness is important. emoticon this heart is not as good as one from Luke. but you deserve it,for sure. emoticon
    689 days ago
    Sounds like a Jam Packed calendar ahead. Keep pushing on finding out what is causing the leg issues. I have bulging disks and spinal stenosis starting. Mine in is the lumbar region and it affects my lower back and legs.
    689 days ago
    Love the photos and I love you for living your life in spite of the obstacles!! Journey on, my friend (and I hope you find some answers to your questions about your swelling...if I didn't have to go see a doctor, I would never darken their doorstep) emoticon
    690 days ago
    Sorry you have been having the mystery problems. I’ve had abdominal Xrays, CTs, labs & various prescriptions for years for belly pains, nausea, vomiting, yada, yada (at the place I worked before I retired, always fun).No clear cut diagnosis. Maybe we could volunteer to go on Mystery Diagnosis. Anyway, as others have suggested, keep your feet up as much as possible, and go for your dreams!
    690 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    How frustrating that the doctors can’t figure out what’s going on! I’m glad you haven’t let that stop you. Keep going fan girl!
    690 days ago
    Wow! So sorry for the still-mystery illness. **SIGH** LOVE the pictures and sounds like you 've been having fun. That's good!

    690 days ago
    This is such an awesome, uplifting blog! I hope you have a great time with your travels!

    As for your swelling legs...is there a possibility of varicose veins? I've had those for many years and the type I have are hereditary. The other issue is a fairly simple one. My body tends to store sodium no matter how much water I drink. My hands and legs/feet swell and ache. If they swell too much, they ache and I get sharp shocks. I've learned to limit my sodium and salt intake. It's a pain, because when I eat out, I have to be super picky about what I eat. If I notice the swelling during the day, I elevate my legs above my heart and it relieves the swelling and decreases the pain. I have friends who have worn special support stockings since they were 24 years old. That also seems to help. Using ice on the lower leg, knee and foot is helpful. I flex my fingers and hold my hands over my head and that helps the hand swelling. My left hand has developed two fingers that are now numb around the finger nails. This can come from the ulnar nerve, either from the elbow or from the C-7 and C-8 nerves. I have some bulging at C-7 (there is no C-8 vertebrae but there is a C-8 nerve) and last year my neurologist diagnosed my issue as coming from those two nerves in my neck.

    I'm not trying to make this post about me, but I am trying to let you know that sometimes the issue can be something quirky. You ARE NOT CRAZY!!! This is a real issue and you have real pain. Some doctors treat you like you're being dramatic but the pain is very real. I hope this helps if only a little.....

    Hugs! I hope you feel better!
    690 days ago
    I was so glad to see this post!!! Woo Hoo you girl! You are my favorite stalker fan!! I know that in itself sounds strange to say but I love your posts! The pictures are great and you are adorable!!!
    690 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    690 days ago
    My goodness, I had no idea you were having such health problems. I hope they get figured out soon, and I hope the weight loss abates them, at least somewhat. My husband has lost only 20 pounds, but he has stopped snoring and his feet hurt him less.

    I love your blogs, whether they are weight-loss-related or not, so keep 'em coming!
    690 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    Hope you will the right dr for your answers soon.............

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    690 days ago
    Glad you had such a good interaction with Luke! Hope you get answers on your health issues soon. emoticon
    690 days ago
    You are an amazing fan!! I'm sorry you are dealing with such health issues. It's no fun being in pain and uncomfortable all the time. Hang in there...
    690 days ago
    Good luck on your medical journey! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. The Luke Chase Continues! How fun is that? Sounds like oodles of fun!
    690 days ago
    Hope you find the answers soon. All the best.
    690 days ago
  • EISSA7
    You have lots of awesome events planned...congrats on making sure that you enjoy life when you can! Your enthusiasm and zest are refreshing!
    I am wondering if you have seen an ortho specialist? Could the cause of your tingling and numbness be caused by one or more inflamed nerve roots or radiculitis? It is so frustrating to not get answers when something is obviously wrong!
    690 days ago
    Wow....that is a lot of medical stuff. Maybe consult with a neurologist? a chiropractor? .....someone to take a different look at the test results and review your symptoms.

    You sure have a lot of energy! Glad you are doing what makes you happy ! So fun that you and Luke had a a conversation, a real conversation. He sees so many people and did give you special treatment. I could tell from watching American Idol that he is a good guy.

    690 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Happiness is as important as your health. I hope you find answers that make sense and a solution. Just keep living life and don't give up or in. So good to see you back!!
    690 days ago
  • GETIT50
    How fun! I hope you get answers soon.
    691 days ago
    Sounds super fun!! Keep living the good life👍😁
    691 days ago
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