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DeCluttering And Getting Fit

Saturday, June 22, 2019

I recieved this email from Sarah Mueller, The Earlybird Mom. She has a Facebook Page, Decluttering Club, and teaches about DeCluttering our homes. But I've often felt that some of the principles she teaches would apply to our Fitness Journeys too. Let me know if you agree. And, if you need to Declutter your space, be sure to check out her Facebook Page! "Whyyyy do I have to do this?" William (my 8 year old) has a new routine. It's his job to empty the dishwasher every morning. The first couple mornings found him re-enacting a scene by Golem of Lord of the Rings complete with gnashing of teeth and writhing on the floor. But by day 4, he was all business. He finished his breakfast, opened the dishwasher, and climbed up on the counters to put things away because he can't reach otherwise. He was done in minutes. In fact, he's started to feel good about doing his job (don't tell him I said this!) He doesn't realize it but William is learning some huge lessons: - it feels GOOD to get things done - even boring jobs like emptying the dishwasher can be knocked out in no time flat once you're used to the habit - it's better to do what mom tells you than to fall on the floor and complain because you'll have to do it eventually Let's hope these lessons about routine stick with him for life! We are talking about routines inside of Organize My Home. It seems like people either LOVE their routines... or they view them as a Catholic school teacher standing over them with raised eyebrows ("Did you do your morning routine yet??") But routines don't have to be demanding and burdensome. In fact, they're supposed to be helpful TO us. They're supposed to SERVE us! Not the other way around. So if you struggle to put routines in place, see if you can't adjust your view of them. They aren't unforgiving taskmasters meant to torture you. Think of them as tools that help you put the mundane in your life on autopilot. As well as include some of the more pleasant things in your day (bedtime reading perhaps?) YOU get to pick what goes into your routines. See if you can't create a new routine for yourself today.  PS I'm late with this email (oops!) because MY own routine is all out of whack with school vacation here! If you'd like to join me in learning more about routines, as well as the continuation of the Organize Like a Boss challenge, it's all inside of our membership, Organize My Home. All the details at the link below! https://earlybirdmom.co
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