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19th June

Thursday, June 20, 2019


"Look for something to be thankful for where you least expect it"

When I read this I thought it was an oxymoron - how can you look for something where you don't expect it? Looking implies an expectation doesn't it?
oh, my brain!

However, I did have a couple of things yesterday which might fall into this category!

I went into an everyday store looking for a kind of pea-coat type jacket, something light that I can just throw on. My old, much-loved, baby-cord jacket is on it's last legs and going bald.

I tried on a few jackets and didn't like any of them over-much.......... I guess I was looking to replace my baby-cord really..............

Then on impulse I went into a shop that I don't usually go in to - it sells imported Indian clothes and the whole shop smells of incense. Anyway - guess what? Amongst all the unsuitable things, I found a jacket I liked! There was only one. It was my size. And it fits perfectly. It's like a hoodie, but made from woven cotton in a kind of brown/purple colour - the material has a nice textured design too, the pockets are in the right place, the hood fits. It's already my new favourite and I got a compliment yesterday at work.

The second thing was that as I was going through town doing shopping I saw a woman that goes to the yoga class I was going to; I say 'was' because I haven't been for weeks!

I said 'hello' and the conversation started - basically we had a lovely dialogue about how good yoga is, how good the teacher is, and after I said that I found it hard to fit it round work, she told me that there were more classes now, on different days - and gave me a card with the days and times on. I looked at my calendar and told her I'd be there on 1st July. She said "I'll hold you to that!" and I said "Maybe we could go for a coffee afterwards?" to which she replied "Yes!"

So, I was re-inspired to go to yoga - and made a social arrangement............ who knows, I might have made a new friend too.
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