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learning to be happy at my weight

Monday, June 17, 2019

The scales is still bouncing around between 146 to 144 June 17 it only moved a little its now bouncing around 140 to 142 pounds . I am thankful its only a few pounds
YES at times its frustrating, and some days I find I don’t care of I stay on track with my eating. But know what will happen so have chats with my self often .
Sunday on Happy Healthy Sparkers we had a chat about being happy with the scales. And sometimes we feel if we are eating healthy and getting our fitness in and the scales refuses to move be happy..

I liked the idea for others but I still hear the doctor telling me ‘you need to be in the 120s. !
That is a long ways away at 140 pounds its another 20 pounds ! that really discouraged me.
I feel good, I was excited to see 140s on the scales on the scales
My cloths fit better I have even bought a size 16 pair of shorts . Several people at church told I looked good when I wore a dress to a funeral last week. Don’t usually wear a dress.

Today on our devotional thread I read our teams Daily Devotions with Dan Dick (June 17 thanks Shirley.)
I changed my mind I don’t need that magic number 120 pounds in my chart in the doctors office .
I need to enjoy where I am and continue to eat healthy and getting exercise.
Enjoy how I feel. How in my cloths fit eat healthy get fitness in each day.

“society would have us believe that the person who tries to do something is a failure unless he or she succeeds’’. ‘We need never grow discouraged when we don't lose weight, as long as we are doing the best job we can’’
I see now this is what I done. I at started at 200 pounds now I am in the 140s I have tried .I and don’t need to be discouraged I may never see that magical number 120 but I going to be happy where I am.

II not giving up but i am not going stress over the scales and miss out and the fun things I am going to find along way I have a summer adventure with my brother to look forward to will have no idea where it will take us.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree with you. You have accomplished so much.
    27 days ago
    Just signed up for the Fall 5% Challenge and while browsing the chat room I came across a comment you posted and realized I had not been keeping up with your journey so thought I would stop by.

    I am frequently in a battle with myself about my scale number and what makes me happy. This blog has given me some inspiration to remember that being happy in life and doing the best you can in any given situation is what matters most - not the number on the scale!

    Thanks, Fran.
    36 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your blog. emoticon emoticon Stay focused on your goals and you will have continued success! emoticon emoticon
    40 days ago
    76 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    79 days ago
    I'm saving that cookie--but--Thank yu--Lynda emoticon
    87 days ago
    What an amazing gift00and Himself is so happy with that basket--He said that yu put Lobster in it-- Thank-yu-Lynda
    114 days ago
  • LINDA!
    This sounds like me. I want to lose weight but I just cannot lose sleep over it. I need to lose 8-10 pounds now. I hope it happens. If it doesn't, it's okay.

    117 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2019 10:00:52 PM
    117 days ago
    Check out YouTube for Susan Pierce Thompson’s vlog titled, Goal Body. May provide som3 insights.
    Good job on an incredible journey of health and happiness!
    117 days ago
    I agree with your statement " as long as we are doing something---and I know you give your best!
    I weigh more than you, and yet my Doctor has never brought it up; My scale also toggles back and forth up one pound--then the next day it is back down. (I think much of that is fluid volume) … I think you are doing fabulous and I love that others have said they also weigh a lot more. Keep on doing what you are doing and don't feel one bit bad or think you should be doing more. you rock!!
    117 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Your words "not giving up but i am not going stress over the scales and miss out and the fun things" is exactly how I've come to feel. I'm nowhere near the weight I "should" be but I can't spend every one of my days worrying over it. As long as I'm healthy, feel happy, I think I'm where I should be.

    You've come a long way Fran and you generally eat healthy and sure do get in lots of activities so I'd say to heck with what your doctor feels that you "should" weigh.
    117 days ago
    Pure wisdom, Fran! We DO need to be happy at where we are NOW. Doesn't mean we can't still keep trying to get healthier, just means we have to trust the process. We ARE sooooooo much more than the # on a scale and YOU, my dear, have come so far! Proud of you!

    117 days ago
    You need a new Doctor! He should be applauding you for all you have achieved. Close to 60 pounds gone, you hike thru hill and dale, including mountains, garden, mow, shovel snow, and walk numerous times daily. You're very health conscious, And you're not 20 years old. I'll bet he couldn't keep up with you.
    117 days ago
    Fran I am so proud of you for reaching the correct thinking. The number on the scale does not determine your health. If you are feeling good where you are presently at, that is a huge accomplishment. Doctors only see numbers, not how we feel inside
    118 days ago
    Fran, so glad that you have decided to be happy where you are. You have done so well with weight loss and really need to congratulate yourself on that. More importantly, you realize the need to be healthy, happy, and active. Eating healthy and having lots of activity both at the gym and home are the essentials. Kudos to you for listening to your heart and not someone who really doesn't know you very well.
    118 days ago
    Fran, you are a success! Your doctor needs to be re-schooled on a few things.
    Funny how different everyone is.

    I am 180 and my goal is 160. My doctor is so pleased with how very healthy I am and is not concerned about my weight and knows I will get there, but need to work through my stress and life circumstances.
    She is very pleased with my numbers. BP and Cholesterol are awesome!
    At 180, I also wear a size 16. Isn't that interesting?

    Yes, I have gotten down on myself, but I know what I know and that is I am healthier than many, I have muscles, that I am proud of, I do physical work, I eat both healthy and not, but try to have a percentage that is higher in the healthy part and I try to look and feel my best.
    My hips and knees are pain free and better than they were when I was at a lower weight! I must be doing something right.

    Look at how far you have come. I bet you could run circles around your doctor at the gym.

    I love that you still have such a good time, hiking, working out, walking Racey, gardening, having picnics and cookouts, being kind to others and encouraging.
    Be kind to yourself, too.
    You are just fine the way you are.

    118 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2019 6:40:05 AM
    Fran, you are a success story. Look at all the ways you've made lifestyle changes.

    I know it's hard for me to stop thinking about numbers too but I truly believe numbers are the least important thing for a focus. Weight? Two pounds up or down? Five pounds? Number ranges are arbitrary and don't always factor in important aspects unique to the individual.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You are going in the right direction for a healthier you.
    118 days ago
    Yes, the important thing is for us to learn to comfortable living in our own skin..Be happy at whatever size we find ourselves at the moment and take care that we are living a healthy lifestyle ... We have to learn to love the life we live and live the life we love..We got this...("they" say I should be 120..not gonna happen)
    118 days ago
    emoticon very frustrating when that scale does not budge. You have come a long way lost 60 pounds that is great and you have the right to be proud and happy about that. Don't let anyone take that joy away. I also agree to keep eating healthy and getting your exercise in and you are doing that. Glad you will not give up and stop stressing over that silly scale. You are doing emoticon Fran.
    Oh boy, love to hear of your new adventures with Tom. Love the last quote :)
    Thanks for keeping me motivated too, love your messages every day emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    118 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2019 12:08:03 AM
    Fran, that's a wonderful attitude to have. We need to love ourselves right now wherever we are with our weight... at the same time, we need to hang on and keep working at losing the weight and improving our health.

    Don't stress... just keep doing your best everyday. Eventually you'll reach your goal - that is how I'm focusing too. I've been bouncing between 173 and 175 for weeks. Frustrating but I'm not giving up. Just continuing to learn and keep trying. And sweet friend, you've done a great job! YOu're down from 200 to 140s - that is an amazing accomplishment! Celebrate it!! In the meantime, don't tell yourself you won't see 120... you can do it, Fran. You can still get there. Just don't give up, my friend. And I'll be here and your other sparkfriends will be here supporting you and cheering you on! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    118 days ago
    emoticon blog. emoticon emoticon we have to feel comfortable in our own skin not on the scale. Good for you Fran you have done amazing, and like I said before you look emoticon
    118 days ago
    That was wonderful to read. I need to learn to do the same.
    118 days ago
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