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Thursday, May 30, 2019

About 2 months ago, I was getting out of bed. I stepped down and my leg hurt so bad I dropped to my knees. My hubby saw me and said “walk it out”. He has lots of back issues and said I had sciatica. It did calm down as I walked around. I went to my chiropractor for a few weeks. It started feeling better. After a month, my chiro suggested an MRI. That’s where it really started to spiral... He called me the next day and said I needed to see my Doctor. He said several of my discs were messed up and the radiologist saw a couple spots. I asked if it was cancer. He said it could be. He called my Dr and I went in the next day. My doctor did bloodwork and sent me to a neurosurgeon to review the MRI. The neurosurgeon didn’t think it was a big deal, but did order a CT Scan. He told me not to lose sleep over it. My Doctor also told me to go to an oncologist. I did, and he ordered lots of tests. I have no symptoms of cancer, and feel great except for my herniated disc. After many tests, I went back yesterday to see the oncologist. All my tests came back fine, all major organs clear, except for tiny spots in my lung, spleen and spinal cord. My spinal cord has the biggest spots. They can’t get to the biggest spot in my spinal cord - too small and in a hard to get to area. He’s going to check my bone marrow next Thursday. He said it may not tell anything. After that, he suggests waiting 3 months and getting another ct scan to see if there are any changes. The spots represent inflammation. He said a PT scan right now would probably not show anything. So now I am trying to figure out where to go for a second opinion. I am not going to “wait” 3 months to see if it grows. I haven’t told anyone except for my husband. I don’t want my parents and friends worrying and it turning out not to be a big deal. My husband doesn’t want to talk about it. I feel like he is avoiding me right now. Yesterday, he went to have a beer with a neighbor and stayed there for 5 hours. Tonight he went out with the guys after work and is now sitting outside on the deck. We haven’t even discussed what the oncologist said yesterday and how to proceed. I gotta figure this out, so, I am turning to you guys.
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    I truly hope everythings okay. emoticon
    380 days ago
    Sorry to hear about this health scare but yes, I would push on with second opinions/further testing...
    Has anyone mentioned MS?
    My hubby never wants to talk about any long-term plans; it's as if he thinks we're going to both live forever, working until we drop?? Go figure.
    504 days ago
    Keep us up to date.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer … stage 1 but very aggressive. Hubby was … a little distant. He went to every doc visit I had no matter how small or big. But remained … a little distant.

    We had a come to Jesus meeting and he shared he was … scared.

    Scared to lose me.
    Scared he couldn't fix this for me.
    Scared that I was gonna suffer.

    Just sayin'.
    506 days ago
    Getting a 2nd opinion right away is a good plan.
    Sending hugs, prayers, and good wishes.
    506 days ago
    So sorry that C word is terrifying. I wouldn't want to wait for 3 months. Try to get a 2nd opinion. Voice your concerns to your Dr. You hubby is probably scared and just unable to talk about it. You are his wife, you can't get sick. He needs you just as you need him. Sending prayers to you both. Hugs.
    506 days ago
    I think that a second opinion would be the way to go. Although having your hubby share and support you would be the best, I would decide what you'd like to do and just tell him your plans. Offer to let him be part of the decision making but don't be surprised if he doesn't want to. Some people just can cope when a loved one is sick. Hugs to you!
    507 days ago
    emoticon That is tough. Waiting is the worst. I'd much rather just have the facts in front of me, good, bad, and ugly. Seems your hubby is having trouble coping. Mine acts like that when things don't look good medically for anyone he loves. It is like if he doesn't talk about it, it isn't real. Annoys me, cause I like to talk through things, then they seem manageable. I'd definitely seek out a second opinion.
    508 days ago

    Some info on PET-CT scans which can be helpful in this situation. I would press for further testing right away (but have no familiarity with the US medical system)

    Wishing you all the best. The C word is frightening -- as a cancer survivor, I really feel your worry. There are also Cancer support groups which can really help when family is unable to fill that role.
    508 days ago
    Sorry to read this, the waiting is a real problem. I would get a second opinion right ways.
    508 days ago
    I don't know what to say other than good luck working through this.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    508 days ago
    Oh I'm so sorry about this, sounds like you may be at risk for some serious illness and it will take time to figure out yes or no. Must be very stressful, and I'm sending you thoughts of love and peace.
    If I were in your place, I couldn't just wait months to see if grows, either...

    Your husband must be very stressed and worried too. I hope he will get over it, and he will be able to support you and show his love and care.

    508 days ago
    I'm so sorry.
    508 days ago
    So sorry to hear yur husband cannot communicate with you about this. itcould be he is not able to face the possibilities yet and trying to think it will go away
    508 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    A second opinion is a great move. I wouldn’t wait 3 months to see if it changes. You are in my prayers.
    508 days ago
  • SPICY23
    emoticon Sending positive thoughts your way.

    I'm guessing this has hit your Hubby pretty hard (and you as well). Sometimes the brain just shuts down once the 'C' word has been uttered. I know you need his support right now but trust that he is processing this as best he can, Keep reaching out here, we'll support you until he is ready and able. Hopefully it will turn out to be just a scare and not the 'C' thing and you will both laugh about it.

    Peace and Care
    508 days ago
    Allie again, Please see if they will order a PET SCAN.That will /should tell them definitively if it's cancer. Sorry for your problems with this issue. Good luck.
    508 days ago
    Hi, My name is Allie in SC and I don't blame you for not waiting 3 months is a long time if it turned out to be cancerous. I know that because my mother, 2 sister's, my dad and stepfather all passed away with different types of cancer.
    508 days ago
    I wish you lived in Nebraska. The Nebraska Med Center has a fabulous oncology department. Definitely, get a second opinion. I'm sorry how your husband is acting. Men seem to avoid major issues. Hugs, my friend. Prayers and healing energy being sent.
    508 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12282919
    Sorry to hear this. Ask your regular doctor for a referral to another specialist. Explain that you don't feel comfortable waiting 3 months and you want a second opinion.

    Prayers and hugs.
    508 days ago
    You live close to some of the best places.
    Start small and push to get all your testing done so you can present a complete case.
    More info in a goodie for you.
    508 days ago
    Oh wow. So sorry to hear about all this. I would not wait for 3 mths. to see if it grows either. Plan B for sure.

    Now sure where you live, but Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Scottsdale, AZ and Florida has satellites all over. I would definitely consider going there or any other large teaching hospital where they are treating and seeing many more cases of this problem then a local hospital.

    Or a teaching hospital.

    You have my hugs and prayers. I know you're scared, and I certainly have been there, too, with other health issues. Men .. . well, they don't cope so well with this type of thing, either.

    HUGS and prayers.
    508 days ago
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