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Here we go AGAIN!

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

I watched a video on Spark last evening---one of those videos that yu earn 3 points after yu watch it--
I was so impressed--
A Lady spoke of how she had gained over 100 extra pounds after numerous stresses in her life--then---she slowly turned her life around and was successful, over time, to reduce her weight-
For me, it was worth watching---took maybe 3-4 minutes of my time----
She did it with her friends who she met online and just slowly made enough changes to become healthy again.

I think the secret here, is to become healthy-- don't even enter that ice cream aisle--run past the chocolate bars or use them as a reward--- and--the white bread-- "The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead"---

I must report that my eyes don't hurt anymore-I put the new drops in twice daily---
Why on earth did I wait so long (3 years)-to see an Opthamologist----who was a Lady--and so so understanding---The Macular Degeneration she told me is very early and is treatable now--not like when my Mom had it and went completely blind----
-so sad she didn't live in this "day and age"---

Tess, that German (as in dog)_with her contraption, is walking well---taking her pills to strengthen the leg--(thanks to all of yer advice!)-
Big Beau, who lives and loves to eat, is "smart as a Whip"--watches both Himself and I , in case we happen to drop some food --anticipates our every move---
and then, wee Sushi who comes in every night, jumps over Himself ,en route to climb onto my chest to make sure I'm still around---
and then-----there is that man in my life, ----Himself----WHO DOES NOT HAVE HIS EARS ON THIS A.M. ----so will not hear too much to-day---

Before long all these children will descend upon us---and another summer will begin---

The docks are out---not the ladder or the windsock yet---
Another summer is here!
Lord love a Duck!-Life just rolls on and on doesn't it?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GLORYB83
    Everything sounds awesome, Lynda.
    emoticon emoticon
    177 days ago
    Glad the eyes are improving. Same for yer Germans. Gotta love the men who believe they can hear us without their "ears" on......
    177 days ago
    The seasons sure fly by any more, don't they? It was high summer, earlier this week, then over the weekend, cold front came through and we're back to shivering!
    177 days ago
    So glad that the eye drops are helping you! Do you have the dry type or wet type of macular degeneration? My husband had the dry type as well as glaucoma and although we used drops to treat the glaucoma, we were told there was no treatment for the macular degeneration except for a vitamin protocol and though he took it, I don't think it helped very much if any.
    177 days ago
    Keep on keeping on!!!!
    177 days ago
    Lynda, you are sure optimistic about summer. Up here we have had no spring and today when I let the dogs out I almost went out with the door the wind is so strong. Puppy doesn't even stay out long either tho I am sure she misses her sister Mable, her playmate and running partner. High in the 40s and wind worse than earlier.
    Still putting ice on the shoulder, love it with the cold outside. I am bringing my lightest cord with handles to the chiropractor appt. Will be nice to do it at home tho I still need him to work on my back. Gotta keep this ole body working pain free as much as possible, then hope i can keep up. I bought those bands a loong time ago and did use them but gave everything up for walking which does not help the upper body.
    Lynda, glad your eyes feel better and sound like you are in good eyes for treatment and care. Hope you feel relaxed n her care.
    Had 2 jumbo muffins in 2 days so and working it off. They are my favorite, banana choc. chip with dribbled chocolate. The bakery doesn't make them very often so when my daughter sees them at the store she buys them. They will hold me happy for awhile!! We have 3 bakerys in this little town with fantastic bread etc. I never touch white bread, love the different all whole wheat breads I buy.
    emoticon Time to walk and drink water and then work on clearing my desk and here.
    Have a great day and hope wherever you are is not in this gloom, wind and cold. emoticon
    177 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    What a wonderful life!
    emoticon for sharing a bit of it with us. Hooray for summer!
    emoticon emoticon
    177 days ago
    177 days ago
    I am so happy your eyes do not hurt anymore.. so happy..

    life is good

    enjoy .. lovely here.. hope you have sunshine. emoticon
    177 days ago
    Wow great blog glad your eye quit hurting.

    The lake is looking good

    177 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    177 days ago
    Great blog this morning.
    Summer is definetly here in my part of the states.
    Hope you have a great day.
    177 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    177 days ago
    Great blog glad the eye drops are working the ice is melting on the lake and the dogs know when you are dinner saves sweeping the floor after dinner. now if hime self gets his ears in the day will be great.
    need to check out the movies on spark. still enjoy white bread something a P J on brown bread that makes want to emoticon
    177 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Sounds like everything is going okay. My Sweetie is out mowing the lawn. The weather has gotten hot enough that he doesn’t have to mow the lawn twice a week. One more month and the humidity will get uncomfortable. I love central air conditioning. Hopefully, the bugs won’t be too buggy for you. I don’t know how long that lasts. Where we used to live we had wren boxes and they took care of the bugs so nicely. Of course, it was nothing like the bugs you get in the Spring.
    177 days ago
    I am so glad the drops are working. The eyes are everything.

    177 days ago
    Looking forward to seeing your summer photos of the family out on the dock! We have some dock time planned for later too! Sometimes I regret selling our lake property, but the upkeep at having 2 places got old, and the lake one was getting neglected. DH would chose to live at the lake now that he is retired. Hindsight is 20/20.
    177 days ago
    I'm trying to be more like a duck & lett it roll off my back. Have a great day and a healthy summer.
    177 days ago
    Life does seem to just roll along! It's a cold and rainy day here - our second. I feel very guilty but I see no value in getting out there with Daisy. I shall spend some time on the treadmill, she and I will have to play indoors today. With my DH not eating much of anything you'd think that I would be losing weight too - but not so much. All I want is junk food - but lucky for me we don't have much of that around here. And since he's not eating, I have to take care of the fresh fruits and veggies!
    177 days ago
    I love your pictures. emoticon
    So happy to hear that your eyes don't hurt. Awesome. emoticon I hope you learned your lesson to go to the doctor. emoticon Our sight is so precious, but we seem to neglect taking care of our eyes till we have a problem. emoticon
    Have a wonderful day. Enjoy the nice weather. emoticon
    177 days ago
  • THOMS1
    So happy your eye is doing better! Have a great day! emoticon emoticon
    177 days ago
    I must ask if they are doing in the US, I asked my DH has Macular Degeneration and I asked the Dr, said it was still a long time in US. I must check it in about it.

    My Brother in U.K, has been a few months it's a long time so he is hoping to keep up with his appointments. I will ask my Dr. because I go every year and it's time check it in. Thanks Pat in Maine.

    emoticon m emoticon emoticon emoticon

    177 days ago
    Yup, the hearing aids don't work on the counter, although my Himself keeps hoping that one day they will!
    177 days ago
  • no profile photo MOXYCAT
    Have a wonderful day. So happy for your treatable eye condition. Hubs has had 2 detached retina repairs plus has mac d and glocoma......holding his own....very familiar with eye drops. He also wears aid with a pretty severe hearing loss but at times I think its selective hearing. Enjoy today!
    177 days ago
    177 days ago
    177 days ago
    I hope you are enjoying your long weekend.
    177 days ago
    So so glad that the gtts. are working for your eyes. PHEW. My grandma (maternal) went blind @ age 54 from a detached retina, treatable today. **SIGH** I keep up w/my eye exams, too, due to the ey history in the family and well, I like seeing!

    HUGS and have a great Saturday.
    177 days ago
    Three cheers for getting your eyes treated. Let this wonderful day turn into a wonderful week - and year - and rest of your life!
    177 days ago
    It is wonderful news that your eyes are better and apparently responding well to the drops.

    I couldn't even think of sticking a big toe into that lake today as frozen as it was just a month ago. The sun must warm it fairly fast for you to be able to swim.

    Maybe Himself just needs to rest his ears. Those can irritate the inside of the ears on occasion. Just think, you can sing as loudly as you want without bothering anyone. Enjoy your day and give those grandchildren a super hug when they come today.
    177 days ago
    There are ups, downs, sidwayses, stops, gos, and it's all part of the story.
    So happy for your eyes.
    177 days ago
    Great blog !!
    177 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon Summer is still a dream here. It's been cold and rainy. emoticon The only strong troopers are the rhubarb plants. I thought I saw some of the spring flowers, it looks like they rolled over pulled the covers back over. LOL; I watched the same video. I needed to be reminded. Have an awesome day. emoticon emoticon
    177 days ago
  • JULIEA7201
    emoticon for its inspiration and support to help me choose a healthy lifestyle. Life rolls on no matter but hopefully this helps make it roll on that much longer and let's us enjoy it more!!
    177 days ago
    Thank you for some more great ideas. Enjoy your day.
    177 days ago
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