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Weight's a Funny Thing

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When I started on this journey back in 2011 I weighed about 226 (last known weight) and didn't have a timetable for losing weight or a number. I figured that if I could get to the mid 170's I'd be out of the obese category and that was a weight range that I'd been able to maintain for awhile. Of course in the past I'd gone on a diet and after awhile I went off the diet and the weight crept back on.

this time was different. I committed to new habits until at least the New Year. Figured I would lose weight but didn't have a number on the scale. On New Year's I saw that my clothes were all loose and I was feeling better. Decided to stick with the new habits and added one or two.

Long story short after my heart attack in Feb 2013 I decided to get to 162 and stay there. That would put me at a normal BMI. Didn't change much in the way of eating although probably a more heart healthy diet and upped my exercise with cardiac rehab. Kept losing and settled in around 145. this time I hadn't gone on a diet, so never went off the diet. This is for life.

Eventually landed around 142 +/- 2 lbs and that was fine. When we adopted our first dog my walking increased so much I dropped below 142 to the high 130's. After we lost her I went back to my desired weight. Last summer I saw my weight go up to the 143 - 145 and knew I had to do something. Wasn't having much success but when we adopted Fletcher - an active pup! my walking really increased.

Ended up in the 137 +- 2 lb range. Felt great. When I saw 135 on the scale I was dazzled. Even though that is a lot lower than I ever imagined. After 5 days in Florida where my eating wasn't as healthy as usual I am back to 137.

Now that is a fine weight and one I never dreamed I'd reach. why am I stressing over that? My. clothes all fit (except some are loose), I feel great. Why do we let a number on the scale stress us out.

Writing this all out, makes me feel better and more positive! No need to stress. I'm right where I want to be.

Finally sunny here in NY and going to be in the mid 60's. Life is good.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your story is inspiring. Getting to a weight where you feel good must be wonderful. I'm working on it.
    143 days ago
    An awesome journey indeed. That is truly remarkable. emoticon

    It looks like a dog is destined to be a part of your life from now on. emoticon

    Congrats on all your successes. emoticon
    151 days ago
    You have come a long way.You are doing great. Congrats on your weight loss.
    I tend to pay more attention to my clothes and measurements, but I do weight myself monthly, still stresses me out that scale.
    151 days ago
    151 days ago
    I weighed that at my lowest...138-144 for the longest time years and years ago. You give me hope that one day, I will again. emoticon
    152 days ago
  • SPICY23
    emoticon It's all a head game isn't it?
    emoticon on maintenance

    Peace and Care

    152 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Healthy eating, healthy exercise, and also healthy weight (BMI), now's that a total package. Keep up your lifestyle and know that you are doing right by yourself. emoticon
    152 days ago
    Oh! I'm back …

    Wanted to mention something else I've noticed in recent months. A number of maintainers have had experiences like yours: weight has dipped lower than expected.

    I've noticed that this is occurring with maintainers that have consistently maintained healthy habits for years. So, I have to wonder if the body has been able to work its recovery, repair and rejuvenation magic and those maintainers are literally experiencing their bodies made anew.

    Keep up the awesome work! You're doing emoticon
    152 days ago
    Congratulations on your success, Martha!

    Sounds to me like what you are experiencing is part of your routine fluctuation. When you're more active the weight drops to the lower end and with less activity and other factors, the weight rises to the upper end.

    One of the things I've worked to do during maintenance is identify what other maintainers have called their low and high scream weights. I've identified the scream weight on the low end. My challenge since losing the weight seems to be keeping the weight on. With nearly 5 years of maintenance complete, I have yet to identify a scream weight on the high end.

    Those scream weights are points at which I'd feel an active need to address the weight. I rarely feel a need to specifically address the weight. I seem to be odd in that regard. The number on the scale is simply a data point to me that gives me information about what supports my body best and provides indicators for when my health may be challenged.

    Like you, I am focused on establishing health habits. As you mentioned we are not dieting. This is for life.
    152 days ago
    Great success Martha and you can blame it all on the dogs, lol! emoticon Wish I could say that it is sunny here but we are living in a fog bank that is stuck...soon, maybe.
    152 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    No! No need at all! That’s an awesome success!
    152 days ago
    OH you're wise to pay attention to how your clothes fit and how you feel vs. THE # ON THE SCALE! I totally do that, too.
    152 days ago
    I track my weight on the scale...sometimes. When my clothes and mirror are already telling me the news. But to keep from taking the scale reading too seriously (which either elates or deflates my mood), I gave my scale a name. It is the name of a one-time boss who sort of delighted in seeing if his employees were gullible about little deceits. Before I step on, I say “[Person’s name], are you going to lie to me today or tell me the truth?” It helps me put whatever number I see into perspective!
    152 days ago
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