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Slimmer's Blog 4: Now 11 Days Before Blood Test - No Cake Eaten! and Ya, Don't Gain That Easy

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Hi All, Still in my count down to get to my Checkup and Blood Tests. After a few years without .. What shape will they say I am in?

Last night I volunteered at our Local Holly Theatre in Dahlonega, GA for the opening of Mama Mia. Everyone that came they had two huge beautiful cakes and champagne for the wedding. I DID NOT EAT ANY CAKE! Oh, did I want to! I think back and very seldom in my life did I ever pass up Free Food and especially sweets.

Dieting in my past years, I had said to myself like at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other Holidays that there would always be Next Year. That really helped me behave in my eating. I also reminded myself if I had not Over Eaten in the past at all these events maybe I would not be in the shape I was in. More just always seemed better. And I will admit I always wanted My Share... hmmm well, I look like I Always DID get My Share. Looked more for Quantity rather than Quality.

Next month I turn 70 and Finally it is starting to sink in. Get away from Quantity and look more for Quality Healthy Food.

I have some Spark Friends that are now also working harder than they have in the past by trying to stick to a particular calorie count each day. But, what they are finding they look at their scales and see they are going UP some days! OH NO! THEY SAY THEY GAINED!

NO. We need to change our thinking. First it is better probably NOT to weigh each day, but every X amount of days: like a week's time. Hmmm... you probably know there are times like for me too I HAVE to weigh Every Day!

If we do so we need to remind ourselves how this losing a pound works: it is all in the MATH. A pound is a measurement of heat. Like how do they measure HOT? And if a pound is a measurement of heat then at my nearly 200 pounds I should be Flaming HOT!

Ok, now to lose a pound we either have to lot eat 3500 calories OR.. burn off 3500 calories and probably it will be a combination of both.

It is said.. (Once again the THEY have said.. just go with it.) That our bodies need AT LEAST 2000 calories a day to function. Now us shorter people know maybe we don't need all that much, but again just go with this thought.

The popular dieting calorie count seems to be 1200 calories. (Once again the THEY said so.) OK, now if we NEED 2000 but only eat 1200.. then you Consider YOU SAVED 800 calories that day.

Now in say, 7 days of saving 800 calories a day that is 7 times 800 or a savings of 5600 Calories in a week. Now keep doing the MATH ..Divide 3500 into 5600 which equals 1.6.. which means if we saved 5600 calories that savings means MATHIMATICALLY WE HAD TO LOSE 1.6 POUNDS!

Now years ago I did this counting and calculating of Every bit of food I ate for 6 months. I found this Math to be true. I will say it seems more like 3700 calories for a pound, but without being in a lab figuring on the 3500 calories is good enough.

So, we need to LOG our Foods to see What We Save Daily and then have a realistic idea of what we probably are going to lose.

Now to help the Exercise we do ALSO ADDS to that SAVED Calorie count which finally gets Divided to see how many 3500's go into the TOTAL Calories Saved and Not Burnt Off with Exercise. So, calculate how many calories you are Burning Off doing EXTRA Activities.

That is why I Try to Keep Moving Each Day even if I have not outright started to do specific Exercises. I don't know How Many Calories I Burn Off, but I know it sure is more than if I did nothing.

As to gaining when you see the scale go up after being good? Remember extra fluids and food waste do stick in us longer at times. Now think MATHMATICLY ..did you really EAT enough to ADD up to 3500 for a Pound to Really have stuck to you? Bet Not.. so
....Do The Math.... Then Just Keep Doing! The Pound Will Come Off In The End.

Sugar.....139.. going back down (on no Meds)

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