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The Rain in Spain--is NOT snow!

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Friday, April 12, 2019

"It's raining---it's pouring-The old man is snoring-He bumped his head-""----etc etc---
Remember singing that?
North of us it is freezing rain--and north of that, it is snowing--
I feel fortunate that we only have rain, mixed with freezing rain at times-
I could not walk Tess, the German, as in dog---afraid she might slip with her limpy leg--

I heard on CBC radio yesterday, that our area had 393 cm of snow over the past winter--
Himself, who knows just about everything, said that is equivalent to 12 ft----AND, it is a record am't for this area.
To-day on CBC radio, I heard some Lady telling us that the building codes for Canada will be revamped due to climate change--
I know that this year, for the 1st time, we had to have our steel roof cleared of snow---
Some buildings in our town, had their roof collapse--

Himself and I have been awake since 3-30am--
Beau barked viciously, and ran down to the front hall--
He barked again at 4am--- and 5-30 am---
Son #2 the Air Canada Pilot, who is in London, England, checked our web cam, which points out to the road--He saw a Police cruiser pass slowly by the house at 3-30 am----then pass back at 4am-----

To-day I shall be doing receipts-
To-morrow I shall be doing receipts-
In fact, all weekend --well, yu know---- more receipts-
"It's a terrible job" I told himself, "but someone has to do it"!
Lord love a duck!---The wife in this house wears SO many hats---
I'd rather be------dancing_---------
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