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Willing? Willing to be Willing? Committed??

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

I'm a member of the Linda Spangler 100 Days to Weight Loss Team. Currently we are working through her 100 MORE Days to Weight Loss book. This blog is expanded from my Day 7 Post today.

Day 7 Not Willing to Change

That is the nub, isn't it. Are we willing to change? I certainly was NOT wiling for many years. Then I saw a few friends trying to be healthier and I also saw friends getting less and less healthy and realized that I was in the latter camp. I was out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs; wouldn't even think of walking anywhere I could ride, parked in the closest parking spaces I could get, and ate whatever sounded good at the time. I did not protect my plan because I did not have a plan of any kind.

Then...I became interested in talking with some of my healthier friends about the changes they had made. Oh no! Those changes were not for me. Some of the things they in their diet didn't even sound like food. What is Kombucha? Jogging, who me?? NEVER! Those discussions were dropped and I stayed in my not-so-happy rut.

Then I somehow became willing to be willing. I started walking; wasn't going to wear one of those pedi-whatever things though. I started thinking about food choices and occasionally passing on seconds or taking a smaller portion.

My knee hurt, I was obese, surgery was looming. I became more willing to be willing and I began looking at health instead of weight loss.

In 2007 I found TOPS and SparkPeople - Both are great support groups - and I started really learning. ThenI wasn't just interested or willing to be willing. I became committed to the idea of being healthier, stronger, and happier. Now I am fully willing; willing to try new things (Kombucha is on my list, still untried).

My current plan includes some exercise every day.
Attending TOPS meetings - love the local support and friendship I get there.
Sparking daily if possible and staying in my Spark calorie range
Working the No S plan which helps me to keep my desire to snack in check

I have Myasthenia Gravis now and that affects my energy and strength but I haven't lost my commitment to being as healthy as I can be. I can climb stairs without getting out of breath; I am trying to wear out my third Fitbit; I am reading SparkPeople articles, posts, and blogs to keep learning; I belong to a challenge team, the Lovely Limes, that gives me new ideas and does indeed challenge me.

Remember Life is not fair but it is good.
Some days are hard so "head down, shoulder to the day!"
We CAN meet our goals
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