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Saturday, March 09, 2019

I am loving my new lifestyle. Several years ago I decided that I wanted to lose weight and get healthier by eating healthy and having a regular workout plan. Over the years I have stumbled and stopped, lost and gained, walked and jogged, lifted weights and danced, binged and starved, laughed and cried. And I picked myself up and started over again.

But just recently I have had a lot of information come together for me and hit me like a lightening bolt. emoticon . I started listening to a weight loss blog and watching videos on YouTube about changing your thoughts and creating new brain connections. I have reread a few books on coaching, and also reviewed some of the other books and plans that I have worked throughout the years. Here is my conclusion. I am a weight loss specialist. I have all the knowledge either in my head or at my fingertips. All I have to do is put it altogether and create my own plan that works for me.

So here are a few things that seem important for my plan.

1. I am very clear with what I want --I set my goals -- break it down into easy baby steps

2. Everyday, and maybe several times a day - I will recommit and show up for me by being my own coach and support

3. All my choices will be what I want to do, exercises that are fun, food that is delicious, asking myself the tough questions that stretch my mind, creating daily plans that feed my body, heart and soul.

4. As I live each day filled with love and laughter, I will continue to learn and challenge myself because this is how I feel alive and thriving.

Yes, I know, none of it is new. Nothing earth shattering to see here. I was inspired by WarriorSue's blog last week when she talked about her own personal mantra. She asked us what ours would be. I thought quite a bit about it and I decided -- LESS DRAMA AND MORE KARMA. At first I wasn't sure if it fit, but it is perfect for me. In all my life, in everything I do - I know that drama has been a distraction. It is all the excuses that I have told myself It is all the personal shortcomings, all the bad choices, all the times I let myself get derailed.
And on the flip side all of my accomplishments has been about taking action -

And yes, I realize that I could attract bad karma, but I am talking about my life. So if I leave it open to neutral karma then everyday my choices will reflect what I manifest by my thoughts and actions.
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