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Letting Go of Mental Weight

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Lately I have been listening to the podcast from Corinne Crabtree www.phit-n-phat.
on how she lost 100 pounds and kept it off for over 14 years. If you don't mind some truck driver language, I highly recommend the podcasts. She also offers a free course in Weight Loss which I am currently working through and I am finding that it has been just the missing link in my weight loss journey.

So for me one of the biggest epiphanies was that she talks about when you lose the mental weight, your are able to divorce yourself from the physical weight. The reason this feels new to me is that I always felt that I had a pretty positive attitude. I never talked of myself as being fat, and I was always willing to eat healthy and exercise. But what I hadn't realized was that I had bought into a mindset that I needed to basically go hungry and really push myself not to eat "forbidden foods" in order to lose weight. I also bought into the thought that because I have to take certain medications, it will always be more difficult to lose weight. And then there is always the excuse that because of my age, I will have a much more difficult time losing weight and keeping it off.

All of these excuses, plus many more, have proved to be a very heavy mental weight. This mental weight has kept me stuck for quite a few months at the same weight. I have tracked calories, I have tried my hand at eating keto, I have starved myself of carbs, and still I remain stuck at the same weight. I even asked my Dr to changed my medication to see if that would make a difference.

So for the past few weeks I have been listening to the podcasts. Corinne has just a few ideas on how to lose weight. 1. Eat when you are hungry. 2. Drink plenty of water, 3. Get enough sleep. The beauty of her plan is all about small steps. She teaches people how to make a plan, how to stick with the plan, and how to change the plan if it isn't working. And most important, she believes that every person has to find what works for them.

Of course one of the biggest parts of losing mental weight is learning how to change what you believe about yourself. I love how she is able to walk a person through how to make a slight shift in thinking to help you change a situation that might derail your weight loss and turn it around to being a learning situation and a positive.

Anyway, I am really simplifying the message here. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is going to work for them, but for me, I know that I feel a determination and commitment at a deeper level than I have ever felt before that I can achieve my dreams and goals that I have for myself.

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