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Mouth Taping for people that snore

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

My purpose: to stop my snoring. I have snored for years. The extra fat around my throat did not seem to help but I never did lose it. I would drink water before bed and immediately upon waking to soothe my aching throat. I had tried the various things on the market, even bought a $2500 mouth appliance twice. But hubby still complained that they didn't work and wanted me to do surgery. I did not want this so continued to snore and stress out because I was upsetting the man. We have since separated. My snoring was a major source of this. (Although he snored too)and stopped breathing.. Yep I saved his life.. Got him tested for apnea.. Now he wears the Cpac But back to me.. 😀 It was also so embarrassing when others could hear me from other rooms of the house. So I would wait for them to sleep first and go down to the basement to sleep . So if I can help anyone avoid this type of emotional drainage... Here here 😀 Mouth taping worked and continues to work for me. The first time I tried it, I used duct tape(I used to call it Duck tape.. 😂) & I looked like a victim of some kind of abduction but we won't go there. I was safe in my own home but I looked funny. But don't use it.. It kinda hurts to take off. When I woke up that first night and was told I had not snored, you can only imagine the pure happiness. And no sore throat. So now I just use one piece of medical tape from the top of my lip to the bottom of my chin. I don't look as funny and it comes off easy. Just don't use moisturizer around it or it won't stick. I still use my appliance to stop me from grinding my teeth and because I paid so much for them. And now I sleep better, deeper because my body isn't fighting with my central nervous system anymore. 😀 🤩 🤩 🤩 Woot woot.
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