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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Hello Spark-friends

I hope everyone is well and moving one-day-at-a-time toward your goals.

I've been doing okay and eating healthy for the most part. My weight seems to have settled at just under 120. I feel pretty good at this weight but I don't want to lose any more.

I set a date to quit cigarettes: March 21st. I see the clinic nurse on the 20th and will get a supply of nicotine gum. I bought a vape (for tobacco) and I plan to use it sparingly in the hopes that it will help this attempt to quit be successful.

The withdrawal from opiate-meds is going well. I receive at 10% decrease every two weeks and with the exception of a bit of gastronomical upset, the process has been fairly gentle so far.

The weather has kept me indoors most of the time but I did get out for a trip to the mall with a friend yesterday. It felt good to get out of my apartment for a while.

I mixed some sugar-free lime-jello with a bag of coleslaw mix and it's made a fun way to get a serving of vegetables.

With winter I often feel my spirits are low. (I used to have a full-spectrum light to counteract the effects of seasonal affective disorder but it broke and I need to replace it). In addition to low spirits I've been experiencing a lot of fatigue and exhaustion. It helps to remind myself that I presently weigh less than half of what I used to weigh - I can't imagine how much worse I'd feel if was still lugging those extra 125 lbs around with me. That thought keeps me motivated to maintain my weight loss as I continue working toward bettering my sense of well-being.

For my Spark-friends who observe Lent, I hope your journey toward Easter brings you great spiritual growth. For my Spark-friends who experience cold winters, I hope your journey toward Spring brings you closer to your heart's desire. And for all my Spark-friends I hope your journey toward weigh-loss and improved health brings you many personal insights and much joy.

With love, ~Theresa emoticon

For continuing to maintain my weight-loss

For the support and encouragement to quit smoking cigarettes

For the health-practitioners that are supporting the changes I'm making to my health-care regime

For healthy food and the means to prepare it creatively

For outings with and visits from my friends. I'm blessed to have three friends who live close and keep in touch regularly. Living alone is new territory for me and it can be lonely. My friends keep me from feeling isolated and help me feel less-alone. .

For the difficult times that teach me

For the Spark-people that have befriended me and for all who share themselves on this forum and provide friendship, support and encouragement to others


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