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Day One

Friday, March 01, 2019

Okay, here I am, starting the Pink Book for the second time :) and really hopeful that I'll be able to finish and implement it all the way.

Trying to lose weight and reach an healthy BMI is what I have been doing for quite a number of years, without success. Right now I feel mentally more ready than previously to do this as well as extremely tired of yo-yo dieting. I want to implement an healthy life-style and forget about dieting.

Here's my first Response Card, my list of Advantages of Losing Weight:

1) I'll have more energy;
2) I'll be in better health;
3) I'll get some peace of mind (no more brooding over my image, my weight, clothes that don't fit);
4) I'll feel as I've accomplished something major for myself;
5) I'll get joy out of shopping;
6) I'll fit in a smaller size (and in my old&beloved clothes);
7) I'll wear more stylish clothes;
8) I'll feel more attractive;
9) I'll be more physically fit;
10) I'll like myself more;
11) I'll look better;
12) I'll increase my self-esteem;
13) I won't have to stand other people's comments about my weight and appearance

I'm going to read this list before every meal, starting today at lunch.
Other than writing it here, I did an index card and I'll copy it to my smartphone (I think it's the easiest place to find it and read it).

So I guess I completed my to-do list for Day 1 and I'm looking forward to Day 2 :)
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