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Sleep—Diet Makes a Difference

Friday, February 01, 2019

This visitor posed for me:

Isn’t she cute? She’s an adolescent red-tailed hawk.

I think she saying “feed me now!”

Sweetie wants to feed her, too. I think I’ve convinced him not to. I don’t want to start feeding birds of prey. Sweetie sees food as love. Everybody eat, let’s cook together. Not only do I have my own habits to change, but his, also.

I’ve been struggling with insomnia for years. Lately, I been successful in getting 7 to 9 hours a night, without getting up in the middle of the night for an hour or two. The secret, of course, is diet. For me this means:

- Dinner no later than 6:30 at night.
- No eating after dinner
- Avoiding foods that cause IBS symptoms; i.e. spicy foods, corn, eggs, pork, yogurt, soft cheeses, sour cream, chocolate, caffeine
- Keep sugar at a minimum. I limit fruit to one or two a day. Occasionally allow one cup decaf coffee with 1 or 2 teaspoons sugar
- Eat three to five vegetables a day.

I have noticed that on days when I don’t follow my guidelines I don’t sleep well at all. Have I been losing weight? No. I haven’t been gaining, either. I’ve been staying at 220 because I’m eating too much bread and pasta and goodies. That has to stop.

Now that I’ve realized what keeps me awake at night, I can make better choices. Consistency is the key. Now I just have to do it!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    180 days ago
    So the is why the Queen has not called me---Thank yu for reminding me!--- I really needed to hear from her--a change-- --- So goods to hear from yu -Lynda
    324 days ago
    My Himself's garage is such a disaster area ---- It will always be--- Once in a blue moon I go out and figure I will clean it, but I don't know what is even what tool out there- Lynda
    382 days ago
    Yes I agree with yer hubby--between 9--to 10am--best time to go--- I added a post script onto that blog--It turned out very well-- altho I went to the grocery store which is more expensive but thy sure treat one better-- Hugs my friend-lynda emoticon
    483 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/27/2020 1:06:49 PM
  • 8HABIT
    We watched a hawk enjoy a squirrel on top of our arbor earlier in the year. I like and respect them but they are birds of prey. Cookies and bread our my downfall also. I’m trying to eat fruit and low calorie yogurt at night.
    491 days ago
    Spn$#1 is doing "Take out" only but I haven't asked how its going yet----I imagine not too well tho--but--its what we must do now--- hard eh?-Lynda
    492 days ago
    Yes I probably will have to ask for help too--Funny they just don 't see what we see eh?-- Lynda
    511 days ago
    That hawk looks so good! ---Hugs--- Lynda emoticon
    528 days ago
    We used to feed the birds daily--then Himself fell-- cracked his head open--That's how we found Sushi--She was out eating the bird seed after he fell-I never saw a cat eat bird seed-poor wee thing--so hungry-Lynda
    634 days ago
    YU do have a good memory--- No--The place where the guy with the Mermaid lives, is on the other side of our house---- He has the deck in the trees too--- I call him, "Mafia Man""-- i'm sure he really is--- Too bad we can't pick our neigbours eh?--===- I love yer birds on yer page here-Lynda
    656 days ago
    pretty funny eh--you I mean--- I enjoyed yer comments--I only have a half a tongue now--LOL-Lynd
    712 days ago
    I have to agree that the internet is a better phone book--but--- I still like our land line-- My kids never used to answer their land lines anyway--they all text--- Lordy Be! Lynda
    772 days ago
    I like that-consistency is the key for sure--- some days I'm "lost" tho--- Lynda
    795 days ago
    Well, I am pretty happy that yu made that eye appointment!--- I left it for almost 2 yrs--- and all sorta of stuff happened--- I think it should be a orly thing--at least! --- Anyway--yer Hawk is magnificent__- I know it was posted sometime ago--but --whatta sight--Incidentally--My bad eye is not as bad--Hopefully the pressure is down-- Lynda
    817 days ago
    I can relate with the insomnia---If I dont get enough exercise, I'm walking the floor in the night--kinda drives me crazy---I never thought of it being the food I eat--- It might be too--interesting-Lynda
    838 days ago
    Oh my! I LOVE love love, that hawk--- so pretty-Lynda
    879 days ago
    Thanks for the photo of the Red Tailed Hawk! Beautiful! Great that you have learned to get more sleep by adjusting your food intake. emoticon
    902 days ago
  • EABL81
    Great that you figured that out and are getting solid nights of sleep now! Most of my insomnia was due to stress. When I finally found my new house and got settled in, I found that sleeping through the night is much easier. I still have occasional middle-of-the-night wake up, but it's not a continual thing anymore. Now I just have to learn to put my book down and turn out the light! emoticon

    Love your pics - she is a beauty. I'm with you, wildlife shouldn't be fed.
    903 days ago
    Beautiful picture.
    903 days ago
    Beautiful hawk!!
    903 days ago
    I love the hawk!!! I do feed the birds and squirrels, I call it my "old lady mode" I don't get hawks till spring when they move through the area and cull the squirrel population which is sad to observe, but it is nature, so I suck it up. I find I am stuck with my weight and I think that winter has me just holding on to it so praying for an early spring when it shakes lose. Thanks for sharing!


    903 days ago
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