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My Fat Theory 101

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

As a fat girl for the majority of my life, I have had many theories of those manipulating fat cells my body has. Learning I can now say that my mother and genetics is a major factor since most fat cells form during the third trimester of pregnancy. Gives me a small out as to why I am fat now. I also know puberty is the other time fat cells form when hormones kick in and go wild with forming fat cells. Now comes the out for my mother, I was a "normal" healthy child till about age 10, and then I turned to food as a comfort, then hormones kicked in to add to the comfort layer. I became a very well functioning fat producer at that point. Now let's add in the fact that fat cells do not reduce in number they just shrink down with their mouths open grabbing anything that passes their way. Now comes my part to keep them shrinking is to stay away from any processed food. Talk about a tall order. My own theory is that my fat cells are so efficient, they can form fat at any opportunity. Just like some are so efficient in burning fat, I am proficient in storing that protective layer. Let's go back to the part processed food plays in all this, one theory is that the body can't figure out what to do with processed food so it stores it along with hormones and toxins that are floating around. If and when we start shrinking the fat cells by losing weight they just become deflated some die but are quickly replaced by new fat cells. Even when you get fat cells sucked out by liposuction it says that most regain the weight within a year, same as when you have surgery. So that tells me you have at best a year before the fat cells learn a new way of stuffing themselves. The fat cells adapt and learn new ways to stay full. So although I can find lots of excuses as to why I am fat, I have also learned several keys I can start using to unlock my fat storage system. Can it be so easy? Just stay away from processed foods? It's worth looking closer at that theory for sure, it makes sense to me. Also, the fact fat cells deflate but if or when anything goes past them they grab it and start filling themselves back up. That's why my weight can fluctuate so quickly. We have heard people say they can gain by just seeing food. In fact, some do seem to have that ability by some test results. Super efficient fat formers is a list I wished I wasn't on but I think I am on that list for sure close to number one. A great thing if we had starvation as in the apocalypse but for every day, it's not so good if you want to lose weight. So now I have formed all these theories, what next? I shall move to a very clean way of eating, that's a tall order indeed even though I consider my self living a pretty clean life right now. I can say I am not quite there yet. I am still using sweeteners (Stevia and Truvia) and some flours (Coconut and Almond). And from time to time I use some low carb dressings. Since I have just tightened up on my dairy and nut usage, I will allow some time to just become more aware of any processed foods I might be adding to my food. Having the fact that the scales really aren't the true story on how we are doing is a big thing for most of us. Living or dying by what the scales read is not a true picture of where we are. The scales are only one factor on how we are doing. Evaluating how we feel, how our clothes are fitting, do we have swollen feet or hands, are we drinking enough water to keep the system flushed? That's why a measuring tape plays such a great role in seeing how we are doing. Everyone has to dissect what we are being told and find the truths that work for us. The old truths we have been told over the years that are driven by greed, whether it's the sugar industry or the soy industry, and a huge one has been our healthcare which has become a pharmaceutical conduit in America.
In my opinion, we have lost touch with humanity and need to return to trusting our own selves as the captain of our boat. Seems like we have to question everything now. Can we trust anyone to operate on an honest level? I don't think so, you may think it's a harsh way of looking at the world but I think it's my truth. Just look at what is the latest in Keto, what can they sell you to make money and add processed food into your diet? I am sure some do work but is that the way this needs to play out? Do we just trade one processed food for another one? If you remove all the proponents of selling things, how much would be out there that we can trust as having true motivations to help us? Please make this a priority in your lives to make well-informed decisions about your journey. And keep hunting what works for you. It is work and we have to take authority over our own lives. Keep the keys in your own hands and keep the spark glowing.
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    582 days ago
    Good to consider all of these things. Everyone is a little different as we all come from different genetic make-ups and different upbringings where we develop our first set of eating habits. We all have different coping skills and different perspectives on what's best. We've all been exposed to different types of foods and cultural customs and norms. Put it altogether and you have a uniqueness that makes you one in a million! emoticon
    590 days ago
    Thank you for the prayer share!
    607 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    A very thoughtful, insightful blog. I have to agree that people have different genetic traits, hair colour, strength, speed ... and ability of fat cells to more or less easily fill up is one of them in my opinion.

    It can be a trait that saved your ancestors, store fat in the summer, then survive the winter, and may be a trait that is partly responsible that you are even here, ... they survived.
    608 days ago
    Only you can control your destiny!
    608 days ago
  • no profile photo IDAEVE
    Very interesting blog! Thank you. emoticon emoticon
    608 days ago
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