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Accepting the Pace of Loss That is Right for YOUR Body

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Today I read a blog by a SparkFriend named ELF41978. She has been struggling with feelings that her weight loss just doesn't happen fast enough, struggling with feeling that she isn't motivated enough, and feeling (I think) like she has let herself down. (Even though she has LOST 82 POUNDS! Yep....82 lbs.)

But now she realizes that her plateau may be allowing her to find the reasons for her weight issues and she is "peeling off the layers" (the name of her blog) to deal with those reasons one at a time.

One layer she wrote about was "emotional eating".....UGH, like we have never been there before, right? Like her I resisted any idea that I was an emotional eater for a long time, years or actually decades.

Last September I finally made my goal weight (and after only 10 years on Spark) so this is my reply to her:

"You have made terrific progress since you first determined to get on a healthy path.....and it is just that a path, not a racetrack or high speed internet. As you move along it you will peel off those layers; you will make small changes and find perhaps weeks or months later that those small changes counted and that you have dropped pounds. Remember you have already done great things for your health. Continue to make healthy choices but don't severely restrict your diet OR push yourself to excessive exercise.

Remember too that for people who lose weight too quickly maintenance is tough, very tough. Some people have told me that it is tougher that losing the weight was! That is because their program was way too restrictive and hitting goal allowed them to get off that program but......how to maintain?? I hate plateaus but I learned to give thanks for them because I learned important things; I learned how to patiently work within the plateau so that maybe if I wasn't losing....at least I was learning how not to gain.

I'm at goal! I'm almost embarrassed at how long it took. One of the biggest things I learned is that I am an emotional eater......I would guess that at least 95% of overweight people are too.

There is a great book called 100 days of weight loss and a great SparkTeam called Linda Spangle's 100 Days of weight loss. I've been through the books with the team several times and have really learned about my emotional eating and how to deal with all those triggers in my life. Right now we are about 3/4 of the way through the first book but you can really jump in anywhere. These lessons do not have to be in sequence, neither do the books. If you decide to read the book on your own, that is fine. Just don't try to read it like a book; just do one day at a time. This stuff needs to simmer. A fast read won't help."

I thanked her for posting her blog and making me to think back 10 years ago, to think about the food I ate then, to think about my "sitting-down" life, to think about the little I knew about nutrition, and to think about how careless I had been about my health for too many years.

We all have positives and negatives we bring to any lifestyle change. I had great motivators, my husband, children, grandchildren, siblings and friends and I wanted more good time with them. I have health issues now at 71 but....the changes I've made are helping me to deal with them. This past Christmas, surrounded by people I love was probably the best Christmas of my life so you see....it truly is never too late as long as you just don't give up.

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