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A few goals completed :)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Good morning peeps!

So, I have struggled for so many years trying to lose this weight and I have finally found something that REALLY REALLY works! I joined WW June 30th of this year (a week after I actually started "dieting" again). My sisters were on it and they came to visit and talked me into joining (again-yes I have been a member 4 or 5 times) But they swore the new program was the best! So I jumped in, joined and I will never quit! The new program is AMAZING! Let me tell you WHY!

As much as I LOVE SP and I will never quit here (because I like to know the calories, love my friends/support etc) My problem has always been reading the "labels and really knowing what I was putting in". I admit I have no clue what 6 g of sugar or fat or whatever it is 6g of, is. So trying to read all those labels of how much I can have etc, frustrated me. Calorie counting did too (at times) and then being able to get on here and put everything is, never worked out for me. With this new WW program/App it literally does EVERYTHING for me! It is always at my fingertips if I need to know how many points anything is while at the store, I just scan the product and BOOM, its right there. It was AMAZING the first time I started seeing what I was REALLY putting in and WHY it was so many points (those gram things again lol). Things I THOUGHT I was doing good by buying, umm not so much. And I started finding NO POINT foods, or a LOT fewer point foods to replace them with. And they do have "Free foods=NO POINTS" But don't be fooled by the FREE, almost EVERYTHING has calories still.

Example: White chicken meat is free. Yet a chicken leg cost 4 pts. White Chicken 3 oz = 138.7 calories 3g fat Chicken leg = 180 calories 10g fat

Do you see there what I mean? And truly, how much meat do you get on a chicken leg? Sure isn't 3 oz. lol So do you see where already it's saving you from fat and calories and letting you eat more? Just healthier! That is just one example. And you get my drift on it, I'm sure a lot of you are ON WW. If you are not using the app, you are totally missing out!

I was able to change my SP Tracker this week. My first goal was a 30 lb goal. I hot so now I am onto my next goal!
I wanted my 25 Lb lost charm at WW and I got that this week also :)

I may be losing slowly on this program, but that is because I have not done any exercises, walking or anything. YET! And I eat what I want basically. I got to a whopping 290.4! That is the highest the recorded weigh I have ever seen on a scale! I do NOT want to ever see it again! So since I re-started I am down 31 lbs on SP! And the week I started WW I weighed in at 284.8 and this weekend I got my 25 Lbs lost charm! Shoot it took me 4 plus months to do it. But seriously I am NOT DIETING! I am changing the way I eat, what I ate before. Seriously I could a lot faster, but I know from experience, I would gain it back because I would give up on the "diet". So I just changed HOW I cook and how much I eat of it.

Example: (yes again some people are visual-like me lol)) So let's take a Knorr chicken & rice with Broccoli pk. On the directions, it calls for a few tbls of butter added to it while cooking. That butter alone costs 5 points!!!!! SKIP IT ALTOGETHER! It tastes fine without it and saves you calories and points! :)

Knorr chicken & rice with Broccoli: HALF CUP SERVING 7 points to eat. 240 calories, 2g fat, and 49 carbs.

Minute rice: A WHOLE CUP SERVING: 170 calories, 0g fat, 41 carbs

So even the Minute rice (no butter) cost me on calories and points. So what I tried was Cauliflower rice, with onions and garlic.

Cauliflower rice, with onions and garlic. 0 pts, 0g fat, 0 carbs! AND YUMMY!

Anyway, I think you are getting my drift here. Will I eat the rice (any of them)? YES! But I am careful how much I eat and when I eat it. I am TRYING to find different food to replace the HIGH FAT and HIGH-CALORIE foods. And it does work! Do I cheat? YEPPER, every Saturday or Sunday, I will "treat myself" to something I wouldn't normally eat. And I have to say the longer I am doing this, I find I can't decide what it is that I want, that is WORTH all those pts/calories. I DO still track when I cheat/treat and THAT makes me think twice lol..

Anyway, there it is. I am down 31 lbs and OH I am also down 15.75 inches. THAT was amazing when I went back to redo my measurements. Here are two photos I shared with a few friends.

Taken June 30, 2018

October 25, 2018

4 point meal

This is WHY you want to take your before pictures and put them away until you start losing and start thinking you haven't done very well. You have something to compare the NEW YOU with.

Good luck to each of us on the journey, everyone will have a different journey, so NEVER compare yourself to others! The MORE you do for YOU, the faster things will start showing. One day I will re-start my exercise programs and start losing faster and firming up. I just have to get there. AND I WILL, I KNOW I Will! In MY time :)

Thanks for listening (ok ok reading) lol

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