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Saw a scale change, finally.

Friday, August 24, 2018

I have had my ups and downs sticking with a sensible eating plan.

I stayed on it lost weight, then got careless and gained four pounds.
But instead of giving up, i dusted myself off and continued.
I lost the regained weight and finally saw the scale move down to the next decade that I wanted to see.

It is funny that the minute I get into the new range, I get a longing for the next one below it.
But of course, this type of desire is good and spurs us to remember to watch our calories and do some exercise when we would rather fluff it off for that other day that never does seem to arrive.

My left leg was considerably better until I mowed the lawn after delaying it as long as possible. Good news is that is still better than at first, and I believe it will heal in time.

This injury has made me think long and hard about the need to continue on to the best health I can get to since I can't rely on anyone else. Sometimes being independent teaches lessons that can't be learned anywhere else.

Onward and downward.
Don't ever give up, you are worth it!
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