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Hello All Sparklers!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Hello all! I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I have been busy, busy, busy, which isn't always a bad thing! lol emoticon

We did sell our house, before it even went on the market! Yeah! We did have a few hiccups. The house inspection showed that the air conditioner was not level by 4 degrees and according to everyone we talked to--apparently that's not a big deal. It only gets to be a big deal when it's 20 degrees off or more. But, unfortunately, we still had to fix it at a tune of about $491. emoticon That was the only issue though. Then the house appraisal became a nightmare. Apparently we were lucky enough emoticon to get an appraiser that is not well liked by any of the realtors in our community! emoticon And, unfortunately for everyone except the buyer, she took $2,500 off the price. emoticon We had both of our realtors fighting with her to no avail. So at that point, we were faced with the situation of accepting or starting.all.over. emoticon We finally accepted since it was more money than we thought we were going to get anyway, and it's now done! No need in getting greedy. Yeah! emoticon

So in the meantime we've been trying to find a place to live, which is much harder than we initially thought where we live. There are hardly ANY houses for rent! And the ones you find, they want an arm and a leg for! It's crazy! But alas, we found one that allows pets and we're really happy with it!

So basically since then, I've been busy with changing addresses and running errands and packing and unpacking. Unfortunately, we also had to move ourselves, much to my hubby's chagrin! He waited until the Monday before moving out to call around for movers! So I wasn't shocked in the least when the earliest opening was the middle of August! lol emoticon

And now I'm back and tired of eating out all the time and feeling miserable!! Must get back on track with doable baby steps! I need to stop eating out first and foremost. And I really need a day off to do nothing and just relax!

Brindle, our cat, is finally doing okay. That first day was a doozy! She hid under the bed for the whole day! She finally wandered out the 2nd day and found a very secretive hiding place. We literally thought she got out and there for about 45 minutes we thought she was gone. My hubby went up and down the streets in the rain looking for her and a neighborhood kid even helped him! We yelled for her in the new house. Nothing. We were both crying and then he went into one of the rooms and happened to pull the back of a futon further up and could see her eyes looking at him! He had already put a post on FB that he had to quickly retract! Thank the Lord! That was a rough morning!

I just love this next pic because I watch Big Bang Theory all the time! Anyone who watches it will sing this song! lol emoticon

Hope everyone has a fantabulous healthy weekend!

Kiliki, a.k.a. Christy
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