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Post-partum life.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Its 4 am ... "I lost 30 lb" I am on my dream weight.... Thats what id be happy to write over 1 year later. But life happened. I had a my first baby "Yay" to all the moms out there, am finally experiencing it and see what they are talking about. I am almost 4 months post- partum, and trying to re-introduce eating healthy back in my life. I am 172lb as off this morning. I was 160lb before my pregnancy. I really have to write about my frustration. I really have to be more patient with myself as well... I guess. it has been 2.5 weeks and this is what I attempted doing:
1-Cut out bread , pasta and rice (instead I eat boiled or bake yam, yucca, sweet potatoes"

That was my only rule. for 2 weeks I did well. I cut out all this and ate pretty low cal healthy as well. I lost 2lb in 2 weeks. Then friday came and hubby was like " do you want pizza it will be thin crust, were having friends over. " " yeah why not" I said. before I knew it by midnight I had 3 thin crust pizza and 3 hot wings. And Saturday for Breakfast I had one 2 more slices and more wings for lunch. That same day it was party time, I had cake and 1 small croissant.
Sunday I was determined that it was ok. That I could allow myself to have 1 cheat day. I ate well, and after dinner I still felt so hungry and ended up having 4 slices of American cheese and 4 oreo cookies. Today Iis weight day and I gained the 2lb back. It seems that a cheat day overthrows me. Perhaps 1 cheat meal i would allow myself instead. And should add no fun exiting food to my list:

-No bread , pasta, rice. (this has helped I will keep that. I actually did not have any pasta and rice since or bread only for that 1 croissant on saturday)

New rules:
-No exiting food only on cheat meal.
-cheat meal should be once a week

Exiting foods for me are:
Pizza, wings, cake, cheese,chips, salami, sausage, fried pork or meat. ( I can have 1 slice of cheese with my wrap)

Its 4:48 am, I have to get ready for Work.
Thank you for reading.
will keep posting. I hope I have a better weight check next tuesday morning.

PS: BIG RESPECT TO ALL MOMS OUT THERE. Working full time, breast feeding, pumping and smiling to your little one even though am so tired my whole body hurts, just so that she can see a smiling face is no joke. Oh I also have to add taking care of hubby to the list as well.
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