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Histamine Allergy = MTHFR gene

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I have a MTHFR gene mutation. (That acronym sounds a lot like it feels, btw - ha!)

It has taken me 10 years to find out exactly what was attacking my body, and better yet - what was causing me to remain in a state of inflammation, despite healthy habits.

It all began in 2007 when I was eating a sandwich, and I had my first experience with anaphylaxis. I did not go into shock, however it was shocking to feel this sudden pain and rejection of food.

Through the years, I have been mis-diagnosed countless times, placed on medications, told it gained weight out of the blue, lost energy, gained massive pain and was told it was all in my head. It was so discouraging to be told there is nothing I can do, and that I was a "mystery" to the medical profession. I continued dieting and purging as I reacted to certain foods.

A few years ago, I began digging into research of my symptoms. It was through Google and YouTube that I discovered many MANY other people who experience these symptoms, and they too were told they couldn't be helped.

SOME of my symptoms are:

- Inflammation
- Nausea
- Anaphylaxis
- Hives
- Cystitis
- Weight Gain
- Leaky Gut
- Chronic Fatigue
- Nerve Pain
- Joint Pain
- Gut Pain
- Eczema
- Fibro

I have been walking around for years feeling terrible, despite a healthy workout routine and diet. I have yo-yo dieted in the past - I have gained 10 lbs. at a time and slowly lost weight. I've done nutritional cleanses where I would drop several sizes, but my symptoms remained.

I found a woman called Yasmina Ykelenstam who has dominated the internet with her brilliant case studies and protocol to Histamine Intolerance. Her Facebook Group, called "Healing Histamine" literally saved me. She taught me about this gene mutation and the effects certain foods will do to my internal organs because of it. And, basically, the cells are creating their own fat during a reaction. Yes - my cells are FAT!!

This led me on a quest to fulfill a team of health professionals (Natraupathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer) who are working to heal me. No more Western Medicine for me!!

In the past two years, I became mainly vegan (occasional eggs and cheese). My Natraupath placed me on a strict gut repair regimen of supplements, Quercetin, Probiotics & Enzymes. This has definitely helped with gut pain and mood, but I have a long way to go to get my energy & inflammation under control.

The food elimination diet has helped too. I have found that I am also allergic to:

- Chicken
- Rice
- Peanuts
- Cashews
- Kiwi
- Mango
- Gluten
- Night Shades
- Red Wine (whyyyyy?!)

So here lies a problem... I am mainly vegan who can't eat rice, night shades, fermented foods, wheat products & the many fruits / veggies that trigger my histamine reaction.


Well, there are still many options - some are not healthy, but when I'm hungry and can't stomach anything but popcorn & dark chocolate, I get my nutrition through smoothies and juicing. ((SIGH))

I fall off the wagon more times that I am on it, but I am not giving up!

As promised, I went into my gym today & did some Qoya dance. It is a start.

{If YOU also have the MTHFR gene, or have Anaphlactic reactions to food, please shoot me a message!! I would love to support you on your journey as well!}

XOXO emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am no longer on Facebook, so in searching for information on MTHFR C677t, Armour thyroid medicine for hashimotos and the constant weight struggling...I've come across this community of people. I'm not sure how it all works yet, nevertheless I appreciate your sharing...thank you
    931 days ago
    Oh wow! I just stumbled on your blog because of your planner post--now we're talking. Yes, that acronym does sound like the experience. Me too. I recently just ran across the same gal's website. I'm not employed so I cannot join her group. I'm also not on FB, but I'm doing what I can do now. I was sort of hoping some of the other beneficiaries of her wisdom would "let" me in over time. Who knows. Anyway, I started piecing together wisdom on my own and ran into another issue: nightshade allergies. Following all of the gut-healing info caused me to get worse until I sorted out the nightshade allergy. I agree with you @army_mom17 it does feel like we need to earn our own PhDs in what works/doesn't work for us. Best wishes to all of you!
    961 days ago
    Don’t know if I have the gene but I do have eosinophilic asthma which was severely uncontrolled. My triggers were all environmental. I lived on steroids for years but never could get full control. Inflammation everywhere and steroids cause weight gain like crazy. I was short of breath just going through the grocery store.

    Finally, found an allergist who understood. He did blood testing to check my eosinophil levels. Mine were over 1300 (normal is 300). My asthma is caused by the eosinophils. I was put on a new monoclonal medication that was supposed to reduce my eosinophils by half for a year and my symptoms improved some.

    This year he put me on a brand new medication called Fasenra. It’s an injection that kills eosinophils. One hour after the injection and they are all dead and then it keeps killing them for the next 8 weeks until I get another shot. Absolutely amazing difference.

    My symptoms completely went away. I didn’t know it was possible for me to feel this good. I used to be short of breath daily and in the past 6 months I haven’t had one attack.

    So yes, I know exactly what eosinophils can do to your body. Hope you find relief.

    1008 days ago
  • ARMY_MOM17
    ...gosh...thanks for sharing your experience...i learn so much from Spark friends... you did such a thorough job of explaining MTHFR that i feel like i have a PhD on the subject... take care of yourself, stay strong...
    1008 days ago
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