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Sunday, June 24, 2018

I am sitting here at a slow moment at work and I am thinking of amounts verses what we eat. It is very important what we put in our body but it is just as important how much we are putting in our body as well. When I was growing up I was taught you need to eat everything on your plate or you are in trouble. My parents where baby boomers and so their parents came from the great depression so they where taught not to waste because their parents didn't know how they where going to afford the next meal. So it becomes passed down. So even today I have a hard time to stop eating when I get full because I feel like I am supposed to finish my plate. Me and my dad had a conversation once before he died and we was talking about it. He struggled with his weight too and had so many complications with it and he wanted me to get healthier so I didn't go through what he was with his health from obesity. We both tried to work past this habit to stop eating when you are comfortable and put leftovers in the fridge for later. I decided to watch my skinny friends eat sometimes and I am amazed at how easy it is for them to stop once they are finished and how they take their time to eat. I am really trying hard to do that myself and slow down. Sometimes I eat so fast that I do not realize I'm full till I am stuffed. Sometimes I learned it's good to eat beside someone that eats well because hopefully I can pick up some of their habits and get healthier. I know I'm just blabbing, it's was running through my mind as I'm waiting on something to come in at work lol. Have a great day everyone.
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