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Tea time!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Here's my daily tea.
Its a mix of 7 organic herbs with different medicinal properties and gunpowder green tea, that I either grow or buy online, combine myself.

But you can use any tea that you enjoy to make this.

The cup I use is a Spode Grande cup, that holds roughly 2 cups of tea.
To this I add:
a tablespoon of chia,
a handful of goji berries (wonderful for your retina, providing both lutein and zeaxanthin ),
a third cup wild frozen blueberries and
a third cup of Silk Organic Soy Milk.

If you have a problem with soy, then use another plant milk... coconut, cashew, almond.

I would not recommend dairy milk, bc its notorious for blocking the absorption of antioxidants in tea.

Any milk you chose should have a bit of fat in it, to help absorb the lutein and zeaxanthin.

This brew gives me something to chew on while sipping the tea, and from the look of that chia heart in my cup, it seems that Chia loves me, too. emoticon

What's your favorite morning tea?

Be well, chose health...

: )

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