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It's been eight weeks already

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Wow! how the time has flown by, It's been eight weeks already. I was going back and reading the posts from the 5% spring challenge and, as I was reading mine I reflected on where I was then and the answers that I had given and where I am today. And, I would like to share them with you, . here they are, not only the answers then but also where I am today. The answer for today will be in ( ).

1) If we were meeting here eight weeks from today and looking back to today, what has to have happened for you to feel happy about your progress? List 3 things ... (hint – always state your answers as … “I will …”

I will have lost some weight and will have dropped a size. My clothes will fit comfortably. I will have more energy. I will continue on this journey until I have reached my goal. Then I will start my maintenance journey.
( yes, I did loss some weight. 9 pounds in all, yes i did drop one pant size, two shirt sixes. not to bad. And, yes, I do have more energy then when I started this challenge. It is amazing how good I feel. I have a ways to go before I start my maintenance journey.)

2) List the 3 biggest challenges to be eliminated:

1. I need to put my Spiritual well being first (This is very important to me, and in the last weeks it has become number one in y life)

2. getting exercise in and counting all my calories ( here I have faltered some in my exercise, I didn't get in as much as I had wanted to. But, on the up beat I have managed to log all my calories which has become a habit for me.That's a good thing)

3. Eliminate eating out of boredom ( this has been a challenge all in itself. But, yes I have gotten past this, I think, or should I say I hope. It has been a while seen I have been bored at work. so, I guess we will see when boredom sets if if I made it or not.)

3) List your 3 opportunities to be captured

1. Warmer weather is on it's way. So, I should be able to get out more and get more walking in. ( As life is known to throw a good left hook, that she has in this department. With spring being held off for almost a month or better it was hard to get outside, Then troubles hit at work and I was putting in some strange hours not knowing when I would get a day off. So, my walking has been at a standstill. Not completely but, pretty close to that.)

2. Going on outings and spending more quality time with my husband. ( As with the situation at work has left little time for me and my Husbandman)

3. Making the most of everyday and enjoying it to the fullest. ( This has been something that I have always strived for, And, in the past few years stress of life has cut me short on this thinking, So, it has been a struggle for me as of late. But, with this challenge I can honestly say I am getting back into the swing of it, and, enjoying life to the fullest no matter what life throws at me. with an occasional back step.)

4) List your 3 strengths to be maximized

1. going for long walks ( I really need to keep working at this one, As much as I love to get out there and put on the miles. One would think it would be easy. wishful thinking on my part. But, It will be a continued work in progress.)

2. kayaking, anything that gets me outside ( it's slow going this year, but, I'm getting out there and getting some kayaking time in)

3. good healthy food ( Over the past 8 weeks I have become more aware of what i am putting in y mouth. Yes, there have been some down falls, but, i can say I have pulled myself up and continued forward in making the right choices. i find myself looking for the healthier choices then the bad. Which is a lot farther then where I was when I started this challenge.)

As I look over the last eight weeks and see where I was and where I am today, I can honestly say that i have made progress. I might not have made to my goal weight for the end of the Spring challenge but, I came really close. A couple of days ago I was dwelling in self pity for not making it. Then I started to asking myself why? I have come a long ways with the help of my Determined Daisie friends that I met along this challenge and they are great ones at that. We have all had our struggles along the way, and, we were their cheering each other on.

It has been a wonderful eight weeks. Ones that have kept me accountable on this journey that I'm on. The best part is knowing that I'm not alone, there are some great people out there riding this plane with me, making the journey a very pleasant and interesting one.

Hats off to you my Determined Daisie friends!!

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