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The 2018 Muddy Warrior run

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Last year my sister asked if I would do the muddy warrior run with her. It is a 5K with obstacles. Silly me said "sure, why not!" Nobody thought I would do it as I am not the type to go out and roll in the mud, but sometimes you have to find your inner warrior and do things nobody thought you could or would do! Like roll in the mud!

So I got up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday and drove to Rochester, MN to do the race with my sister and her hubby. Her hubby had never done one before, and my sister just signed him up so he could experience it. It was cool and cloudy as we stood waiting to start and the elite racers started at 10a and we got there early so we could watch them. The fastest one finished the obstacle course in 35 minutes. He was really zooming as it was a very hilly course, very steep! and they had to do all of the obstacles, they could not go around them (Like I did on several!!)

We started out by running, I have not been running this year so I was going slow, and away we went to enjoy the mud run!

My sister, she was determined to get up that wall by herself. She didn't want anyone's help!

My brother in law who really enjoyed the course and did all the obstacles!

this was the most terrifying jump. I screamed all the way down. The ice pit of water is 15 feet deep but thank goodness they have someone in the water to give you a life ring and help you to the edge. This was a great action shot as the 3 of us jumped at the same time!

At the end of the race! Thank God! I made it in one piece, nothing broken or twisted.
Will I do it again next year???? Maybe, I just might be crazy enough to do it again if my sister and her hubby does. My hubby thinks I am strange for wanting to crawl through mud, try to climb over fences, which I have a huge bruise from on my arm and hands!
We will see what the year brings. My main objective was to finish the course which I did. At one point we were going through the course carrying big logs on our shoulders and I thought, yes, this is what I do on a Saturday for fun, I carry heavy logs and torture myself. I told my husband it is like a badge or courage. Something you didn't think you could do, but once you start, you have to finish. Would I recommend one, sure if you like mud, if you like to get stuck in muddy creeks as you try to cross, if you like obstacle courses, go for it. It is strangely fun and the feeling at the end is awesome.

Thanks for being here to always support and encourage. I know that I would never have done a mud run if I had not found Spark people. This community makes you feel like anything is possible!
Spark on and have a very safe Memorial weekend for all of those in the USA!

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