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Everyday should be my Favourite day!

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Monday, April 16, 2018

our windows looked like this--from ice build up-

Yesterday we had an ice storm---that's the bad news---
The best news is that we did NOT lose power-
I remember, as a kid, living in London,
Ontario, and there was an ice storm and we were without power for 3 days-
My Mom and Dad's house was the only one on the street with a fireplace, so some neighbours bunked in with us, in front of that fireplace-
My Mom always filled a bathtub with water in a power outage--
I still do this-- and all my kids laugh over it!
"Oh-oh", I hear them say, "Mom's filling the tub with water---must be a power outage."

Funny what you remember , and how it affects one's life , even when one is old!
I do have a problem however which I need to work on---
Yesterday was a stressful day--
Stressful changes in my life, cause me to stuff myself with anything I see-- I go into the "See Food" diet mode-
It takes days and days to bring the weight back to where it should be--
From to-day on, I must realize that the world is not going to end because of an ice storm-
But-- my world just might end, because of my stressful overeating-

So we STILL are having snow falling here--
To-day is the Boston Marathon---
Hopefully they have better weather than here-

To-day I shall Spark a great day---put some boogie in my step--
We are so fortunate to have a new day, everyday---
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    643 days ago
    Lynda, be patient, spring is just around the corner... And tomorrow will be a better day food-wise.
    643 days ago
    STRONGDAWG and I survived the sidelines of the Boston Marathon today. Cold rain all blasted day. But we took breaks, and I even changed socks and shoes back in the hotel between wave one and wave three finishers. Does not matter. It was worth it!

    May your day be worth it, too. emoticon
    643 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    643 days ago
    I know what you mean about stress eating. Been doing that myself. I've gotta get a grip!
    emoticon emoticon
    643 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    643 days ago
    643 days ago
    Funny how we remember things from our childhood. Keep on truckin' and this too willpass!
    643 days ago
    2 feet (60 cm) of snow 100 mi (160 km) to the north of us! They say the most in 130 years!

    643 days ago
    643 days ago
  • no profile photo MOXYCAT
    Lynda - hang in there - SPRING IS COMING - I'm sure it is. It's weird weather all around. Freaky cold here - but St. Louis changes all the time - it's was crazy HOT last week.
    I TRY to remember to tell myself that food won't fix "it" -- if I give in I now have two problems - the original one and extra weight............it's a day at a time - a meal at a time.
    643 days ago
    Yikes! Your windows look like the display @ the hardware store for window coverings!! You get it for free!!
    Yay you!!

    Sending emoticon and some free Vitamin D!!!!

    Stay warm!
    643 days ago
  • no profile photo SHAWSKITO
    It is zero celsius today here in Missisauga, but was -7 or -8 most of the weekend with never
    ending rain, sleet, and the wind. Looking out the window now at about 2pm, it is "STILL", and
    no wind. I was not without power so had a nice weekend watching TV and on my computer
    catching up.
    I don't ever remember my Mom filling up the bathtub with water, but, I myself have filled up
    some buckets for flushing the toilets. When the power goes off, you do what you have to.
    It's like cottage living. For bathroom duties, you use the wastebasket for the toilet paper to
    save the water for the big jobs.I was only without power once for 3 days and I managed.
    My son, on the other hand, always fills the bathtub with water when a storm is on the way,
    as they have been without power a few times. I think 4 days was the most time without
    power for them. They kept warm with blankets and sweaters. Told them they should have
    come to my house as I had power, lots of food and warm beds. They are only 45 minutes from me.
    Not sure where all this slush an snow is going to go. Could be a lot of flooding. Not sure if the
    ground will be able to soak up much more water.

    643 days ago
    Stay safe and warm! emoticon
    643 days ago
    Get yourself some signs for the pantry and fridge saying, "It's not in here!" Because the answer to stressful times lies elsewhere....
    643 days ago
    Sorry for the stress! Hope today is a great day for you!
    643 days ago
    Hang in there and lock the pantry.

    643 days ago
  • JUDY535
    643 days ago
    Yep, today is a great day if we want it to be! Happy Monday. 🎇
    643 days ago
    Well, as Pooh said today is my favorite day! (((HUGS))) emoticon
    643 days ago
    When I was a kid and we were expecting bad weather and a possible power outage my mom filled the bath tub with water, too. We were in the deep south, so that must have been the way all the old timers did it. I think they were pretty smart. Found myself passing on this wisdom to my young teacher son in Florida when the last huge hurricane hit and caused a lot of outages.
    643 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/16/2018 12:43:59 PM
    Yes, today is today so make it a good one. Just think of the green grass all that moisture will bring. I am sorry, however, that yesterday was so stressful for you. I can well imagine it, though. We always used to fill the bath tub, the sinks, and all available pots and pans if we suspected there might be a power outage. We still do if we know one is coming. One has to be prepared.
    643 days ago
  • LIS193
    643 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    My goodness your still dealing with snow falling, not exactly the mid April weather, but we have no say in weather. Hopefully, this is the last of winter blowing across and leaving such huge amounts of snow both in Canada and parts of America. It's time to be thinking of getting ready for planting the gardens and tending to flower gardens.
    643 days ago
    I ready for real spring too. We have had a few warmer days than the temperatures drop again. This causes stress and I know about the “see food diet” and do it too. LOL. Yes we will win this war together with SparkPeople. emoticon emoticon
    643 days ago
    My parents filled the tub and so do I! Smart.
    643 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Hope it warms up soon! Make today emoticon
    643 days ago
    Yes! Today is the greatest day!!!
    643 days ago
    You definitely need some emoticon . Hugs, Deb
    643 days ago
    I have trouble on the weekends when we have company and I seem to think it is ok to eat things I usually leave alone. Easter candy on the table altho one is a trail mix with a few M&Ms so I don't feel "a little" is so bad if I crave something sweet. It is all going to go to work with Robin.
    Weather moved in last nite, made everything slippery and then the snow started, a good foot tho I am not good at estimating and wind is so bad it is blowing everything. I had to dig my boots and cleats out and my mom's heavy long down jacket, makes me feel close to her but the snow does not! I forgot to move the garbage can back. Maybe the plow guy will get it before i do.The yard was full of deer as everything is covered. They emptied the bird feeder but that is not much for 6 deer. I filled everything, am tempted to buy some corn but they don't want us to but there isn't even a bud for them to eat or any amount of decent grass that isn't covered. Hope this goes away quickly. Robin would bring the deer into the house if she could.
    Hope you have a nice relaxing day today and the ice melting. emoticon
    643 days ago
    Hopefully it’ll warm up your way now that this storm is out of the way!! Today is a great day!! You’ll be terrific!!
    643 days ago
    Let your kids laugh. They'll wish they'd followed your example if they're ever without power for a few days and don't have any water for flushing toilets! We've done the same thing and there's nothing wrong with being prepared. That's why your mom was able to host the neighbors to keep them safe from the cold.
    643 days ago
    The promise is spring is just around the corner. I have a terrible problem with emotional eating, but I have my handy dandy list of things to do instead of eat, and I have to say- it is working for me!
    643 days ago
    I am watching the Boston Marathon. It is miserable weather for the athletes.
    643 days ago
    Hugs to you I know how you feel.
    643 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Your storm was felt all the way down to Florida. We had rain, hail, high winds, and tornado warnings, but today the sun is shining and the temperture dropped to a cool 15 C degrees. The tornadoes stayed south and northeast of us. I won't complain!

    Where we used to live if we were without electricity the well pump wouldn't work. In the winter we'd fill the tub so we could put water in toilet in order to flush the toilet. It was not for drinking. We had containers specifically for drinking, cooking, and washing dishes. In the summer we could use the pool for water to flush the toilet. Where we live now, we have city water and a gas water heater. If the pump station is working we have water and hot water, too.

    Maybe we should all work harder to make today our favorite day, too. What a wonderful thing that would be.
    643 days ago
    Lynda! I always figure it is a waste of time to stress over what I have no control over. Good luck!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    643 days ago

    In the midst of an ice storm here... raining mini ice pellets then rain, then ...the temp hovering at the freezing point. an hour and a half ESE of here Boston is supposed to be about 40(f) and raining.. not exactly ideal marathon weather (in my humble unbiased opinion)... So far I am estimating our accumulation at 2 inches of precipitation.. staying home and off the roadways.

    643 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Growing up, our bathroom was upstairs and cold water only. It was great to fill up when we expected we wouldn't be getting water to flush the toilet but oh boy, when we wanted to bath, hot water had to be lugged upstairs to put in the tub! Needless to say, we had many baths in a square tub put in the kitchen - often!

    What memories we have of growing up 70-80 years ago! At least the 80 years ago stands for me, lol.

    Just heavy rain here today but steady and we may get floods in low areas.

    Oh Spring - wherefore art thou??
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    643 days ago
    My mother filled the tub with water too. I think if the power went off, she could heat the water for bathing. I think the water heater still supplies cold water if the power if off, but maybe it doesn't pump it through the pipes, I don't know.

    I put bags of water into the freezer to freeze when hurricane Sandy went through. If the power went off, I hoped that it would protect stuff in our upright freezer from thawing and spoiling.

    I had friends that lived in South Carolina that had to drink water from the water closet in the toilet after one of the huge hurricanes that went through. I am still not sure of the logic behind filling a tub with water.
    643 days ago
    yep my windows are iced today .. .luckily i can work from home and am ...
    643 days ago
    We lost our power 4 times this winter for a total of 10 days. We don't have a bath tub, only a shower, but hubby loads up buckets with water just in case.

    We have also invested in a generator.
    643 days ago
    Snowing on the daffodils here. We won't get much but I'm tired of cold and snowy weather. We had two days in the 70's and it felt so good. I had energy for a change and my joints weren't aching as much. Now back to cold and my Fibro is screaming. Ah well. Warm weather is coming. We just need to hold on to that thought.

    643 days ago
    We have the same here Lynda. Now it is snowing on top of all that ice. Roads are terrible, schools closed, good day to stay home. Glad we invested in a whole home generator so we don't have to worry about heat.
    643 days ago
    I'm afraid I had one of those days yesterday as well. The snow just didn't stop and I guess I just couldn't take it anymore. I had ice cream (just a small dish but it's been awhile now that I've had ice cream) AND potato chips. The scale is telling me this morning that I really didn't need those extra calories but some days you just have to do what feels good. Today is a much better day. The snow is here - all 20+ inches of it - but the sun is trying hard to peek through and once my dear husband gets the driveway cleared and a spot shoveled out for little Daisy, things will stay this way at least for a couple of days. Who knew that 2 days without snow was something to look forward to! emoticon
    643 days ago
    Good luck with all that winter that is still hanging on. Warm weather will come - eventually. You have my sympathies. We have had rain every day of this month except one, and we are expecting at least three more. The result is moss - everywhere. I have no idea how we are going to clean it all out. My consolation is that at least we don't have to shovel the rain.
    643 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    emoticon Every day is my favorite day emoticon as every day is not promised to us. We should make every day count. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    643 days ago
    all the best it will all end hopefully soon

    643 days ago
    This winter just drags on. But the emoticon is coming to melt all that ice and snow. You will soon see a green lawn and leaves on the trees; it is just that now they should already be there!
    643 days ago
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