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January 4, 2004 to April 4, 2018

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I'm so pleased to be 58 years old and facing the rest of my life from a place of health and gratitude. I no longer recognize the obese woman I was at 43 - when I first started this life changing journey. What has it taken to maintain a significant weight loss over many, many years?

1. Lots of therapy and coaching - I'm not going to sugar coat it - dealing with my emotions in a way that doesn't involve diving head first into a tub of ice cream has been the #1 most important thing for me. I just keep building on loving myself and I see myself as a work in progress.

2. Never doubting my motivation - I have big goals for retirement and not one of them involves chronic pain from obesity or sitting on a couch. Keeping this in ming deverytime I want to eat poorly or skip a work out has been key. As Simon Sinek says - "start with why".

3. Never ever giving up. A bad day or a bad week or, heaven forbid, a bad month (it's happened) - is no reason to stop loving on myself and taking care of myself through good nutrition, proper exercise and self care. I start over and over and over again every single day.

4. Celebrating the journey - it's been awesome :)
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