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Still Sick With The Flu

Monday, March 19, 2018

I am still sick with the flu. Yesterday, I called my insurance's nurse advice line, and the RN told me to see a doctor that day. However, all of the urgent care centers near me were closed, so I went to the ER. They transferred me to "fast track", which is like urgent care for patients who present themselves to the ER and have minor issues. They gave me ibuprofen for my headache, and took a chest x-ray, as my pulse was alarmingly high. They also put a cotton swab up each of my nostrils to determine if I truly have the flu. It turns out that I do have the flu--type B, which apparently is better than type A. The ER doctor prescribed me ibuprofen that is 3 times as strong as over the counter ibuprofen for my headaches, and Tamiflu for my flu. He also told me that since I'm still contagious, I can finally go back to work on Wednesday.

I feel a little better today, so that's good. My sore throat is gone, and I have less of a runny nose. I still have a headache, though, so that sucks. I've been having a headache for 5 days straight so far! :( I honestly think the headache is the worst part about all of this, and it hasn't been relieved by any medication! :( Oh well.

While I feel guilty for not going to work, I know that I shouldn't, as I'd rather stay home and rest, than go to work, and get others sick.

Today, I watched "Guess Who" on Netflix. Ashton Kutcher is so good looking! Sometimes I wish I could get a guy that beautiful, but even if I did (which is highly unlikely), I wouldn't trust someone that good looking to be faithful to me. I know that's not fair of me to say, though. :P

I really want to look better by losing weight! I honestly feel that I wasted my twenties being overweight, and I don't want that for my thirties. :( I'm going to try to eat healthier, and exercise more.

That said, I used up all of my sick leave (I'm a relatively new employee), so I had to use my vacation time for today and tomorrow. :( It's been nice staying home and resting, but I'm ready to go back to work. :)
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