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Sunday, March 18, 2018

It seems that everything we do anymore is rushed; too many things to fit into one day. But are we cheating ourselves? In my opinion, slowing down is HUGE for achieving wellness.

Here are some thoughts:

Eating. We often rush to finish our meals. This works against us as it takes our brain about 20 minutes to register a full stomach. Cut your food into smaller pieces. Experience the food as you're chewing by chewing slowly, occasionally stopping to really embrace the taste and texture of your food. Concerning cheats. For example, I love chocolate. Reese's cups are the best. I cut each cup into pieces and freeze them. When the chocolate craving is at it's peak, I take a frozen piece and let it slowly melt in my mouth. The chocolate taste remains in my mouth longer. This saves me from tackling a whole bag of chocolate. So, go slow!

Exercising: Some exercising is fast by nature and is healthy. But we can often just go through the action of the exercise with mind wandering all over the place. It helps to use our minds more about the movement than it does the movement itself. Concentrate on the muscles each exercise is focusing on. Picture the muscle in motion throughout the exercise. When lifting, rather than busting out maximum weight at the expense of technique, reduce the weight, go slowly throughout the movement, concentrating on using the correct muscles.

If your schedule is too busy, you may want to re-evaluate the priorities of your daily tasks. Combine trips when you can, even eliminate some tasks if you're able. I truly believe you'll enjoy what you're doing more when you slow down and enjoy the moment more.

Our bodies respond better as well, physically, mentally, emotionally...even spiritually.

Be encouraged as you practice slowing down and enjoy your wellness journey more abundantly.

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