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All because of a wee cat!

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Monday, March 05, 2018

You never know what a new day brings--
Himself is on the floor beside me--well, half into the closet here---
He is trying to stop the sliding glass doors to my closet, from opening in the middle--
You see, Sushi, the "holy terror" of the upstairs here, loves to get into this closet--my closet----and she climbs up my clothing, to a shelf way up high and knocks everything down--- including the shelf-
The joys of having a cat who won't come downstairs but finds living on the top level of this house, boring , I think!

This morning I have done 15 minutes on the Dreadmill---The sciatica was bothering me , due to lack of exercise with the flu, but, after walking and stretching on the back board, the ol' body has put it's innards back into place--the sciatica going down the leg, has gone---
So life can be complicated----I still look like the "wreck of the Hesprus" as my Mom used to say, with the sutures on my face--but, the puffiness has almost gone.

My Himself is still lying on the floor here, trying to fix this closet door from Sushi prying it open---He really has "the patience of Jobe"---(-another expression of my Mom's!)-
It is sunny outside--minus 10 C----COLD! ----and I will go out with the Germans very soon----
I wish I was in Florida----on a beach--lying in the warm sunshine---
But---then I might get more of those rays destroying my face---
There are days that one must just "bite the bullet"---- (Guess who said that?)----hunker down---"face the music"-----stay home and be thankful that Himself likes this cat!-

Himself just said he heard the door click--says it's a good sign---
He now says ---"It's fixed"--
Lord love a Duck!--all because of a wee cat!
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