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Losing Weight For Luke Bryan... LOL!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

I already posted a status about this, but basically a few months ago my brother told me that he wasn't going to dog sit for me unless I got back to 190. I picked the number, he didn't. All he knew was I used to weigh an amount where I felt better and I was now fighting regain, 190 was that number. My brother is the only one that can dog sit because my dog is not a fan of strangers, and likes very few people. He doesn't even like my own Dad. My brother watched my dog last year when I went to Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Northern California to see Luke Bryan. (Yes, I'm obsessed!)

So the tour dates finally came out for Luke (some of them anyway). I am seeing him in my home town in July... so I don't need to be 190 by then because I don't need a dog sitter. Although I secretly want to go to a concert 3 miles north of here in July but would need bro to watch Sparky one night, not sure I can swing it. It's about 1 pound a week which is COMPLETELY doable but I know my body likes to stall at a few set points.

But I FOR SURE want to go to Salt Lake City end of September to see Luke & my BFF who moved there last year. So I FOR SURE have to be 190 by September 20th! That comes out to even less than a pound a week so it is more than completely doable. I just have to be consistent and not do what I normally do... which is lose 10 gain 11 lose 9 gain 10 and the yo yo never ends. I have to be consistent and keep pushing even when I don't want to. I also want to go to Oregon & Seattle to see him but those tour dates aren't super super official yet so I have to wait. That isn't until October though and I should already be at my goal by then. ;)

190 is not my ultimate goal weight but it is a weight I was at for 2 years and I was very active and happy at that weight. It was a far cry from my high of 272 and that is why I felt so amazing.

Some of my friends thought my brother was being a jerk while proposing this deal but that is absolutely the opposite. He is my biggest supporter on my weight loss journey, he is constantly trying to help me. He has been going to the zoo to walk with me just because he wants me out walking (he doesn't really care to go to the zoo). He is always talking to me about stuff and I can tell him all of my thoughts and my gripes and he is always there to listen and offer advice. He also knows I have regained weight and been back over 200 pounds for 2 years now. So clearly I am not doing so hot on my own. He said the only two things that would motivate me was if Disneyland or Luke Bryan told me I couldn't go there (or to Luke's concerts) unless I was under 200. He was right, if I couldn't do my two favorite things I would get my act together really quickly. That is where his idea for this deal came from, and he is spot on it is working. When I found out the tour dates I was 217 (where I've been for months, I gain and lose but always end up back at 217) and as of this morning I am 214.2. I know the weight loss is going to slow to hopefully no less than that pound a week, and I am prepared for it to slow but I just need it to be slow and steady. Luke is counting on me LOL!! ;)

Disclaimer: I now Luke doesn't actually care, I'm crazy but not that crazy! emoticon
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