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I'm cleared to get back at it once again

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I've been gone for quite a few months. A lot has happened in that time. The biggest things have to do with my health. I kept feeling sick and I kept getting headaches and no matter what I did I was fighting to stay awake at all times of the day. I went in for my physical end of September and I decided it was time to talk to my Dr about everything going on and ask what I can do to start feeling better. I already had to get blood work done to check my B12 levels so she decided to run a bunch of other tests while we were at it. She had a theory and told em what to expect when the tests came back. Turned out she was right. My insulin resistance was through the roof...almost 5 times higher than what they consider the danger zone. She also showed my my liver enzymes were also way outside of the acceptable range which is why I was showing all these symptoms. She told me I was lucky because a lot of people don't show any symptoms. Yep I have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

No...insulin resistance is not diabetes or pre-diabetes...but left untreated it will be. My blood sugar levels were all within acceptable ranges which would be why any time I've ever checked my sugar level it's always been in acceptable ranges...always.

Great news is...it's 100% reversible! My cholesterol and triglycerides are smack dab in the middle of where they should be so we're taking the aggressive approach for now. My Dr is monitoring me every couple months by doing blood work to make sure that my #s don't change too drastically since what she has suggested just seems almost crazy LOL.

She has me somewhat following Keto...however more restrictive. I'm to eat as little carbs as possible. She explained that carbs create the max amount of insulin. Protein creates half of what carbs do. Fat creates none. So she wants me to focus on eating as much fat as possible with a little protein and veggies I eat for fiber. Veggies I have to be careful with. She gave me a site to look at and told me only the ones in the green range I'm allowed. Any of the ones marked yellow for caution and red for stay away from, I'm not allowed. Same with nuts. I'm not allowed fruit until my levels are at a much safer range. I can have plain yogurt if it within a safe range of carbs and is full fat however all yogurt with anything added will automatically have too many carbs. I checked...it's true. There's one kind I found made for diabetics and it's disgusting...plain yogurt isn't even that bad and I hate plain yogurt. No juice or pop or alcohol. Basically just water and only certain types of tea. I'm also allowed coffee but I don't like coffee.

Those headaches I was getting when I eliminated sugar before?? Ahhh, that one apparently was easy...my sodium is way too low. Eating less processed foods rid me of more salt and I was getting what they call Keto Flu...headaches...nausea...thr
owing up...stomach issues. When I cut out the sugar this time...I added salt to most foods and BOOM...better the next day! Couldn't believe it!! All I needed was lots of water and increase sodium!! She suggested in the beginning to drink straight broth any time I felt sick or a headache coming on. Worked like a charm!! I grabbed my kettle and heated up some water...threw a bouillon cube in my cup and when the water was ready I mixed and drank it straight. Couldn't beleive the solution was that simple!!

I did fantastic the 1st 6 weeks. Lost almost 20lbs!! But I was working 50 hours a week right before Christmas and things got very chaotic...plus dinners we were invited to. I was using carb blockers at 1st but ran out and never bought more. Money was tight after Christmas so I didn't go out and buy all my go to stuff for quick and easy food while I'm sticking to Keto.

I had my check up last week with my Dr and I was honest with her about it all. She was still pleased with my results. I go for blood work this week and I'll get real results about what my #s are. I'm to go back in sometime in June or July. I'm going to aim for when the kids are still in school. She expects me to lose at least another 20-30 lbs between now and then. She wants me to track my weight and measurements along the way. I'm not to worry about calories. I'm just to eat when I'm hungry and if I'm finding myself hungry all the time I'm to increase my fat intake.

I've also been cleared to start back at kickboxing again and I can get back into other activities now as well. I've been fighting one cold after another since the week before Christmas so I'm focusing on getting healthier 1st. I've been told Turmeric and Ginger are both good for getting rid of chest congestion as well as reducing insulin levels so I just started using both as of Friday.

She's made all sorts of weird suggestions however I'll save that for another day. I'm tired and I should get to bed here soon. Sleep is apparently another thing that helps reduce insulin levels. Good night!!
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