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tuesday--2018 is upon us and it's minus 16 degrees outside!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

good morning! as you can see by my header--its freaking cold around here. no trips to the park for ralphie. I venture out to feed and water the chickens and fill the bird feeder and that's about it. the barn with all it's insulation was still about 26 degrees above zero this morning--which is actually pretty good. I have my paint ready, but don't want to work out there until it's a little warmer. we brought the paint up to the house since it's latex--don't want 200 dollars worth of paint to freeze on me!
took eggs up to Phyllis--she was doing her annual inventory today, so I didn't stay and visit. tomorrow dorijane goes for a blood draw to check on her thyroid. rob is thinking thurs and fri he may have to work from home since this awful cold is hanging on and we have lake effect predicted. but he got his new rolling desk done and we found a new office chair and monitor to get him all set up, so his workspace is ready to go.
throwing some clay this afternoon--there is a really neat instructor who has started an online class for beginners--I am not in the group that will video themselves throwing and submit the videos for critique, but anyone can watch the videos and follow along, so that's what I will do. should be fun.
have a lovely day!
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  • EILEEN828
    I'm feeling sorry for all the people who have to deal with the cold weather. We've been pretty lucky so far and only had a an inch or two of snow the day before Christmas. It lasted a few days but that was it. It's mainly been in the 40's and 50's and rainy of course, but even then we've had plenty of dry days too. Every day is is little bit brighter and it's already causing longings for Spring. I've been doing my usual Wednesday 10K with my meetup group. Since I missed a few in December I'm kinda making up for it by slipping in an occasional Saturday 10K too. I feel better for it already.My dog Rylie had thyroid problems too and is only now finally growing his hair back that he had lost, mainly down his spine and all across is back and across his throat. So the hair is growing back from the ground up and is still the thinnest in a line down his spine. His poor tail is not recovering yet though and unfortunately since he lost almost all the gaurd hairs too I don't know what is going to grow back. Right now it's mainly a nakedy little curlicue pig tail.LOL Chickens are hanging in there. We got rid of two roos and kept one, so far he hasn't been crowing and we can't figure out why, we're pretty certain its a boy, He's a Lavendar Americauna and is such a beautiful light pearly gray color. Once he starts to crowing regular we will have to get rid of him too. We have four hens: a blue americauna, a black jersey giant, a buff orpington, and a barred rock. The barred rock we got from a couple in Portland that used to have two hens. One had died and since they were planning to move in the spring they thought they should give it some company after hanging on to all summer. She's a real sweet hen and is now the oldest of our flock and fortunately fit in nicely after a pretty short pecking order establishment. The other hens were new too so it was a lot of changes after our longtime oldest hen from our original flock finally passed away. The blue Americauna was the next oldest in line and kind of freaked out to suddenly be the alpha hen when all her life she had been low on the totem pole. We tried to raise day old chicks but like I said they were all roos. So this time I bought pullets, no more guessing. I love having baby chicks though they are so fun to raise. Your new class sounds really cool, enjoy! And by the by I hope you have a wonderful 2018!
    1260 days ago
    Keep warm and safe there all of you. Hoping it can be good news for Dorijane and her blood work. Hugs.
    1266 days ago
  • JANET552
    Our temps are similar. Brrrrr!! Molly and I venture out on walks that last about 10 minutes or at least until she starts raising her paws. Then we head for home.
    1267 days ago
    It's chilly here too! It's 25, and they're forecasting snow for Thursday with that big coastal storm. It's good to stay inside and knit and read!!
    1269 days ago
    Stay warm and have a wonderful day.
    1269 days ago
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