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My Nutrition Goals

Sunday, December 31, 2017

N - Your nutrition is vital. Set a Nutritional goal for each week of January.
Week 1 - cut back on sugar
Week 2 - drink water
Week 3 - work on portions
Week 4 - more vegetables

E - Evaluate these goals. Are they obtainable? Could these by lifetime goals? Did you plan your goals to include life events? Example: Weddings, birthdays, lunches with friends?

I do believe these are attainable goals, I have done this before and feel that I can do it again. I have begun to cut sugar already, portions is an area I really need to work on. I have my kitchen scale and measuring cups and spoons. Vegetables are the easy part, I just need to get back in the habit of buying more of them.

W - Wellness, look beyond food and exercise and set some emotional wellness goals. Example: I will meditate 10 minutes every morning; I will do deep breathing once a day, etc. Be attentive to your thoughts feelings and behaviors.

I am working on meditating, 10 minutes is too much right now, I am working on just 5 minutes each morning when I am alone.

Y - You are amazing. Set one goal that will help you remember that.

I do have to remember this, I think I will take a minute each day to blog something good about myself.

E- Evaluate your eating habits. Do they lead to good health? If the habits are not healthy, make adjustments to your goals.

I think my goals will add up to healthier habits.

A - Analyze you past years eating habits. Once again adjust your goals if needed to include your favorite foods. Try not to eliminate your favorite foods, but to adjust your consumption of them. Make changes to your goals if needed.

I have adopted the idea that there are no bad foods, just wrong amounts. I do believe that if I control my portions I can eat any food. I do need to limit some and focus more on others but I found that denying myself the foods I love was not productive overall. Again, I have done this before, I don't want to go on a diet that will end, I want to learn how to eat everyday for the rest of my life.

R – Recognize that you have worked hard on your nutrition goals last year and give yourself a goodie!
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