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Red letter day...

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hi everyone.

Well, it's now the thirteenth day since the back procedure.
The thirteenth, you might say unlucky for some but for me it's a red letter day...

l dared to think it had worked when the anaesthetic had worn off after the second day but was told to wait to give judgement as it could get worse before it got better but my pain diary was ticking 100% from day one so today l saw the doctor and it's confirmed...it's worked and l'm officially pain free.
And even better, my test results showed l haven't got osteoporosis and my bones are strong and not crumbling as was feared.

Over the last week or so...
l've been grocery shopping without leaning over the trolley for support and finding a seat half way around the supermarket...l've been known to sit on a display before today...lol...
l've walked around the town centre and precinct doing my messages.
l've stood on the sidelines and cheered whilst my grandson played football.
l've helped DH put the flower borders to bed for winter.
l've even stood talking to people in the street!
All these things l couldn't do before without pain or sitting down after about fifty steps.

Last week l began taking a short daily walk, it's just around the village, aiming for a little longer each day to build my walking back up.
Today was a good one...lol...we had hailstones the size of peas which stung like billy-o...but it was very invigorating!

The first few days l just concentrated on getting out and getting back but l've now started taking my camera with me again, it's a trusty old friend which hasn't seen much action of late and it's so pleased to be out and about again, my staydry socks and walking boots feel the same way too...lol...they're very impatient to try a longer walk with DH but l think they'll have to wait a bit longer yet but they're not so sad now they've got a bit of God's good winter mud on them.

lt looked very overcast when l set off this morning, it had been hailing in the night, they were lashing against the bedroom window and woke me three times but had turned to rain by the time we were getting up. The rain stopped, the sky brightened and a watery sun appeared so l thought l might get away with not getting wet.
l was right, l got hailed on instead!

There have been some good overnight frosts just lately, most of the trees are completely bare but in contrast some of the gardens l pass are looking quite vibrant with winter berries and the bright yellow of forsythia seems very abundant, it's been a mild autumn and the fields are still green enough for the sheep to be at pasture.

Once l was out of the village the lane was mired with mud and puddles, l had to walk on the grass verges which, in places, still looked very green.
The gypsies are camped up down a green lane between fields, their ponies are tethered along the grass verges as they take advantage of the green grass.
A little shaggy black shetland pony was very friendly and came as far as his tether would allow to be patted, his black coat was dusty and grey looking and he looked like he could do with a good groom, dust motes spiralled upwards into the air as l stroked him. His long mane was blowing in the wind and his deep brown eyes looked so intelligent as he nuzzled at my coat, sadly l'd nothing for him to eat.

l'm enjoying my little forays out and am building up my staying power all the time and l dare to hope l can get back to birding and rambling with DH in the not too distant future.

A few photos:

Pretty red cotoneaster berries.

Viburnum looking Christmassy in red.

Vibrant yellow forsythia.

The friendly little Shetland pony.

My walking boots and staydry socks are happy now they're muddy!

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