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My Thanksgiving Gift

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I have a childhood friend that I reconnected with a few years back. I had no idea that our youngest children were class mates, and we lived in the same town. Our mothers had been friends when we were very young, and we spent so much time together. Her older sister was my age, but I played with both girls often and have happy memories of spending time together as our moms spent time. But, as we grew up, we lost track of one another...both Moms eventually passed away....and then fate and a night of Trick or Treating brought us back together. A mutual friend invited us both over for Halloween, and we reconnected!

She is a beautiful soul. I love being around her. She lifts me up. I don't see her often, but always enjoy her company.

I woke up one morning in early November, as I did every morning, and promised myself that "today" would be THE day, the day that I turned things around and got a grip on my health. Every morning I made that same empty promise to myself. But this particular morning, I was all alone in the house (which never happens!!!) and I though "what is going to happen today to make it any different than any other day?" I knew I needed help. I don't have the mental energy or the nutritional Know how to weed through all the info and advice that is out there so that I could formulate a plan to help myself. I really felt compelled to do something meaningful to take a step forward.

That's when I remembered that my long last pal was a nutritionist- and a great one. She struggled with Thyroid issues, as I do. She seeks a holistic approach, which was what I longed for. Before I could change my mind- I texted her. I told her I needed a partner to help me...that I was really in need of help and really desired a change....would she help me and take me on as a patient."

Text sent. It was out there. I could not take it back. And I waited for her response. My phone rang. We chatted. She was worried about crossing that friendship now doctor- patient line. I wasn't. I needed someone I could trust to cut through the BS and help me. My health was an issue- this was no longer a vanity mission for me. (Wasn't it always about health? I guess I never believed that until recently!!)

So, I went to her office the day before Thanksgiving. She measured my body fat....there is a lot of it. She told me it would be hard work and would mean some big changes. (Gluten Free) All I could do was try. And she agreed that together, we would go step by step.

I am only a few days in. I have been so much more thoughtful about the food before me. It won't be quick, and it won't be easy- but for the first time in ages, I feel like it will be doable. Half of my body is FAT. I am more excited to see that number change than the number on the scale. It is a measurement I never really had access to.

I am motivated and excited. I keep thinking that this is THE PERFECT time to start this plan because I desperately want to live my motto for 2017- making it a year of strength. So far, it has been a year with some success, but my health has been a struggle more than any other year and has made me feel that changes need to start NOW! I am out of time waiting to make these changes- my weight has impacted my health in a whole lot of ways.

I am so hopeful to start to turn that around. I am so THANKFUL that I finally took step to ask for help...and then went out and got it. Now, I just need to accept the guidance and do the work!

I got through Thanksgiving weekend and feel empowered and strong- and I have not felt that way in a really long time. Thank God emoticon
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