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The crash up and the Spa-

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

I needed that to make me get up--lying in bed is not going to get this day started--
Yesterday, was not the best day in our household-
It was the dog groomer day--Now the 2 Germans, as in dogs, (and big Shepherds)- handled their Spa day well-once they got there!

You see, the bad stuff began before we left home--(I know that you all must be saying, "Oh no, not again!")--and I suppose it's not really the fault of Himself, who doesn't drive anymore--but did back our vehicle out of the garage, ready to put the canines in---

-And you see. I am trying to look at it, in a different way--- like---This house was built in the late '70's ----and it was built with a very narrow garage opening--and our car, (this years model-NEW-ONLY 3-4 mos. old)-- is perhaps wider than those '79 year old models---

Our daughter who lives in OHIO, said her in-laws, did the same thing-----They have a very narrow garage door opening- and they scraped the side of their vehicle also-
So, maybe, hitting the side of a garage door, and taking a door off, is what is happening all over America right now---justa thought---It couldn't possibly be the fault of himself--

So after visiting Dave, the "Car Crash guy", at the bottom of TV hill, so he could fix the door for now, so we could get the "Spa dogs" into our car, safely, and calling our very friendly Garage Door Fixing Man"---to get the track bent back inline , and hearing that other people with houses built in that era of time, are doing the same thing--trying to get out of their garage without bashing the vehicle-- and listening to each of our grown boys telling me that "Dad shouldn't even drive out of the garage-"--which I now know--but, he is a good guy---and I really am trying to look at all this in a different light--

-well, after all that, I ordered an enormous plate of tacos last night at son#1's restaurant----
-which I couldn't eat--brought home--which I threw out this morning--(Why do I still turn to food ?)

Lord love a Duck! It's definitely NOT the fault of Himself---It has to be because these older homes weren't built for to-days vehicles--

Himself and I aren't going to talk about it anymore--
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