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One week down!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Progress- I've stayed on track calorie-wise. I've made some good nutrition choices and focused on making real, whole meals, while allowing myself to still be a sick person with no energy to cook when I have to. No guilt. I ate out and kept my portions reasonable.

I hit my 10 min exercise goal most days.....maybe every day? I'd have to go look back at my tracker to be sure. The days I was busy and didn't plan a workout involved at least enough walking/generally being on my feet to count.

The scale hasn't moved and I didn't really expect it to. I've never seen it move noticeably in one week alone while eating over 1200 cals. However, I set REALLY modest goals and I'm going to follow them and if I stick to it, and don't lose any weight, at least I'll have some info to bring to my doc and talk about it. I think though, that my body will shift into weight loss if I stick with it. I know my diet was all over the place before and I probably screwed up my metabolism, so I'm hoping eating right and getting at least some exercise regularly will repair that damage and get me moving in the right direction. My waist measurement has actually gone UP by an inch, but I can't remember if I took my first one right around the navel, or an inch higher last time. I took right around the navel this time and I'll stick with that for the future. I will NOT let it get me down and if I do find that my 10 min workouts just aren't enough to bring on weight loss with diet, my diet has no room to go down, so I'll consider upping my workout game carefully after....say 2 months of consistency? That sounds reasonable to me. I can do this! emoticon
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