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Do NOT Touch Me!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I am blessed with four wonderful offspring, two of whom have in turn reproduced themselves - oldest DD has one, and oldest DS has four.

They all live nearby, but we see DD's little one more than the others. She is named after me (her second name only) and is definitely the one I have the strongest bond with - but she is also the one who was a miracle in the making, and the youngest... so that makes her more special right???

She and I love to have cuddle time, movie dates with cheese popcorn and chocolate milk at Nana's house, tea parties and other fun stuff. whenever we can. Now that she is "All the way growed up" and in grade 1, this is a little more challenging to arrange, but I usually treasure every minute with her.

This weekend was different though.... her Mother who apparently must had a bad, deprived childhood, registers this little sprout in a myriad of things - Irish dancing, Scouting, camping, swimming, etc., etc., etc. She is ALWAYS doing something / going somewhere when not in school.

This weekend, it was a MUD RUN!

Why I ask you would any self-respecting Mother encourage their 5 year old to actually get covered in MUD??? Lots of WET, nasty gross dirty MUD??? I thought I had raised my daughter better! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

And she convinced our dear friend who also has a little one almost the same age to enter her in this insanity as well emoticon emoticon

Both my wee girls wanted to nothing more than give me big hugs when they were finished and did NOT understand the whole DO NOT TOUCH ME until you are clean again...''

This is my Emily (white top) and her BFF Lily BEFORE

Se their pretty CLEAN faces and clothes. They are adorable and CLEAN. Oh, did I mention that they are CLEAN? emoticon emoticon emoticon

Still clean!

Some of the obstacles they encountered during the event

Here comes THE MUD

After they were almost done

Getting rinsed off by a firefighter

Trying to warm up and dry off

While I am extremely pround of both Emily and Lily for sticking to it and completing the entire Mud Run, - there were 15 obstacles and it was almost 1 1/2 miles around the whole course..... there was absolutely NO WAY they were touching this cranky little old Nana before that final picture was taken!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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