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Beau's trip to the vet with Himself co-piloting!

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

This is Wafer---found in a second hand store---waiting for someone to take him home---
Now if I saw this , for real, I would be the one adopting him--

And----speaking of dogs---Beau, our German(as in dog) had his ECK (or whatever it was)-no sedation--just strapped onto the table--muzzled----and away we drove home, with him vomiting all over our nice new car--
I was driving, so could not turn to look in the back seat--
But ----I heard that characteristic sound, when someone is about to do, you know what--
A Mother is very much aware of what is about to happen next!

"Beau is going to vomit", I said to himself, who was riding side saddle, beside me, marking me (or so it seemed) on my driving skills..
" Look in the back seat and make sure he is OK."-I added.
I always figure that the person riding beside the driver should be aware of everything going on inside the vehicle---like--the driver has a lot to do!
Himself, not really used to co-piloting, replied, "Keep your eyes on the road! Never mind the dog!"
"He seems upset", I told Himself, "He is standing up on the seat and if I have to stop suddenly , big Beau will come flying into the front."
I really was more worried about poor Beau choking---but was going for a different strategy so this man might help the poor dog!
--He never did turn around---
Why are husbands so concerned when they ride with their wives?
himself would never ever tell any of our sons how to drive!

Lord love a Duck!--- We made it home!
I cleaned up poor Beau's mess at home--
Beau did get a good report from a doggie heart specialist from somewhere in the world---
His heart rate is not regular, but stable and strong--so his meds are reduced for now and we shall monitor him!~
Himself and I are still speaking-in fact he helped me clean the car--at home--
I think he works on the theory that one should never take yer eyes off the road when the wife drives--
My theory is, to try to smile and keep the mouth shut--well, I TRY!

And I do love my dogs----a lot!
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