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Muddy Warrior Run 2017

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

A couple months ago, my sister told me she was signing up for the muddy warrior run again, this was going to be her 3rd time. She asked me if I would do it with her. Well, it is more fun to do a race together, so even though there was the word muddy in there and I knew it was an obstacle course, I agreed! Who wouldn't want to crawl through mud right!?

Yesterday was the day! I got up at the crack of dawn to drive to Rochester, MN, my hometown and where my sister lives to get to the race on time. The morning was wet, cold, windy and not looking like it was going to be a great day. But when I commit to something, you better believe that I have to finish it.

We got to the race with plenty of time to spare, got our registration and bib number and hoped that the temps would go a bit higher in the 45 minutes we had to wait. It was 61 and sprinkling.
930am finally came around and we lined up for our heat. The DJ was great and got us all jumping up and down to get us warmed up and away we went. We ran for maybe 1/2 mile when we came to the first obstacle. A nice crawl through the mud with barbed wire above us!

This is a pic from the race since we did not have our camera's with us but this is exactly what it looked like!

Now we are full of mud, the course is slippery, there were huge hills to go up and come down and go back up again. There were streams that we had to cross and then try to get up the banks which were very muddy! I thought my shoes were going to be sucked into the mud a few times along the way..

There were hay bales to climb over, there were high fences to climb up and then go over and climb down! There were walls with little bitty foot holds that you had to try to go over.

This was just a fun race so no chip timing and no penalties if you decided you couldn't do any of the obstacles. I did choose to skip a few, I knew I didn't have enough upper body strength to to jump up a wall and pull myself over. There was the rope climb wall that I actually got to the top and then when my sister grabbed my arm, I lost my footing and was flat against the wall and couldn't get enough grip to go over, so I slid all the way back down!

This was probably the worst! You rope climbed to the top of this wall and then jumped into a 15 foot deep ice cold pit of water! Wow! I came up gasping! Thank goodness there was a man there with a noodle that helped me get to the edge so I could get out! Then more running through the woods, now really soaking wet from head to to! More obstacles, more mud, more streams, more hills! The hills were the worst! Then we had to lift a heavy cement block and carry it several feet, do 15 squats while holding a log and them more lifting cememt blocks!
But now the end is in sight! All I have to do is hold onto a pole and shimmy 8 feet across it if I didn't want to fall into the cold water! Well my hands were slippery and I wasn't going to shimmy anywhere so I jumped up and grabbed the pole and immediately fell into the cold water! And now there is just one more obstacle to go!

Crawl through this tube!

Belly crawl through all this mud one more time and we would be done. I crawled through the tube but my strength was gone and I just couldn't belly crawl through all that mud one last time so I stood up and walked out of that mud bath!
All in all, I think it took us about an hour and a 1/2 of running, doing the obstacles, getting wet to get to the end!

It was one of the toughest 5k's I have ever done! Will I do it again? Probably. I really need to do more upper body strength training if I do it again next year. It was really challenging and my body feels those hills and those cement blocks today. It rained during some of, and it was windy as we came out of the finishing area but it was fun! I am really proud of my sister who was in beast mode for a large part of it, actually running up the hills, I walked! and being there to help as I went through those tough obstacles and to encourage when I thought "what in the world am I doing!"
If you have the opportunity to do one of these, and you don't mind getting a bit muddy, or very muddy as the case may be, do one for fun. It will be the toughest thing you will ever love!
Thanks for always being here to cheer me on in my journey
Spark on everyone!
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